12-inch MacBook logic board studied, proven smaller than Raspberry Pi

“The 12-inch MacBook is being studied in depth,” Chris Barylick reports for O’Grady’s PowerPage. “And it is cool.”

“Perhaps one of the most striking features about the new machine is that the new logic board is actually smaller than the Raspberry Pi,” Barylick reports. “[Raspberry Pi is] a full quarter of a square inch larger than the MacBook’s logic board.”

Barylick reports, “The Pi is also about eight-tenths of an inch thick, which works out to around 20 millimeters, seven more than the 13.1 millimeter MacBook.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple’s 12-inch MacBook is an engineering marvel.


    1. Yeah, because you need ports to connect your modem, your floppy disk drive, your wifi printer/scanner, your wifi external backup drive, your Bluetooth mouse, your wifi/Bluetooth iPhone, your other wifi enabled computer, and your expansion USB ports.

      1. Or your power cord. Having one port on either side and Apple could have made the feature turn into a must have. YOU CAN CHARGE from either side. It makes mag-safe less important. Although I’d still like to see a Mag-safe USB-C adapter available. There was one for Magsafe 1 –> Magsafe 2. It makes too much sense to have one from Magsafe 2 to USB-C. Also, owners of previous Macbooks can get more life out of their power adapters, leaving one at home and one at work, for example.

      1. When they work, you mean.

        I very much prefer to see the ports whenever possible. I don’t even have a problem carrying around an ethernet cable with my old MacBook Pro. But i refuse to pay Apple $79 for the priviege of using reliable world wiring standards that remain faster and more reliable than anything that the new MacBook offers. Too bad, Apple, perhaps I would have bought one.

            1. The MacBook is _not_ a netbook. Netbooks suffered from crippled performance. This new MacBook may not be the fastest horse in the race, it’s still plenty fast enough to handle everyday tasks, unlike netbooks that could barely handle doing 2 or 3 things at once. The 2015 MacBooks are way faster than the 13″ MacBook Air I’m typing on now, and it’s no slouch.

      1. Yes, pretty significantly. You can see this in the comparison photo in the article. If you were to remove the ports, you’d see the Pi being significantly smaller. However, it would make it useless if you removed every port.

        It’s not really a fair comparison because the two are so different in what they actually are, but it’s still pretty interesting.

        When the Pi first came out it was amazing how much power it had and how many specialized tasks it could take on. So a bunch of DIY projects came out, and even some consumer tech based on it, but it’s neat to see how a general purpose notebook board is about the same size and still suitable for many people’s needs (if not mine).

  1. The next Mac mini will be the size of the Apple TV box; it will be the long-rumored “Apple TV with apps.” The “Mac nano” comes with built-in “Apple TV” app and remote control, to work just like an Apple TV box when connected to an HDTV. And it runs OS X and OS X apps (including games), because it’s an “Intel M” Mac like the new MacBook, with a version of that same tiny logic board. There’s no need to create a whole new “ecosystem” with apps that only work on Apple TV. The Mac’s ecosystem already exists, with a fully “stocked” app store.

    Price: “starting at” $399 ($299 with one-year subscription to “Apple Internet TV”).

    The current Apple TV box continues for customers who only want the HDTV media player. Price: $69 (FREE with one-year subscription to “Apple Internet TV”).

    And I think this move creates room in the Mac line-up for a true “headless iMac.” A new Mac that is closer in tech specs to the middle of the iMac range.

    1. And it can be controlled using your Apple watch through motion and Siri. No more tiny typing on the Apple remote! Just tell Siri what you want and boom! I’ve been waiting for the studios to finally make a deal that everyone can live with.

      1. Whatever, fanboy. If a $200 winbox outscores the $1300 MacBook, then who’s getting screwed?

        Actually, if you look at the specs of the Asus ZenBook UX305, you’ll find that the $700 device, with the same processor as the 2015 MacBook, is much more versatile in the real world.

        But then, you’d refuse to do any objective assessment, wouldn’t you?

    1. 12″ Macbook is $1300. That’s spendy, yes, but it’s far from an economic rape. Look, don’t you think it’s time to stop being emotionally twelve? Sure, you don’t like the Macbook. Got it. I don’t either. However, $1300 is not the same as the $2000+ that you’d pay for a gaming laptop or a MBP. So why spaz? Engineering costs something. Design costs something. OS X is being subsidized by hardware sales, too. If you don’t understand what you’re paying for, then please, go be satisfied with what you have instead of complaining that something out there somewhere costs more money than you want to spend. It’s just money. It doesn’t matter that much.

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