Apple Watch will see supply constraints at launch, source says

“Rumors of production issues before a new Apple product launch are par for the course, and the Apple Watch has proven no different,” AppleInsider reports. “But a source has indicated to AppleInsider that while there may be some supply issues for the debut of the Apple Watch, they are not unexpected and the company is prepared for them.”

‘As a result, it’s expected that there will be a shortage of the Apple Watch at launch,” AppleInsider reports. “But this person said the shortage is largely expected by Apple management, who knew the struggles the company might face in coming to market.”

AppleInsider reports, “The new details come on the heels of a new, dubious report out of the Far East that claimed Apple could be facing yield rates of less than half in initial production of the Apple Watch. However, although Apple may indeed be facing yield rates lower than it would prefer, it seems highly unlikely that a company with the manufacturing prowess of Apple would see yield rates as low as 30 percent, as was rumored.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: See you all at the mass ordering event during minute one (and for some excruciating number of reloads later) on April 10th!

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Bill” and “Brawndo Drinker” for the heads up.]


    1. Based on the down votes, apparently there are a bunch of people that don’t want you to do that – so they can get the 42mm Space Grey Sport before you do 🙂

      1. My wife said I need to get one that looks more like a watch than a fitness band, so likely getting the Space Black Link – even though that was on my short list. I think everyone here knows which one FutureMedia is going to order.

  1. How can that be? All the pundits are saying that no one will buy the Apple Watch and that no one needs it. Only 3 or 4 will be purchased by the close of business on April 10th.

    1. Notice they never give any actual numbers regarding supply constraints. If Apple planned to have 5 million AppleWatches for launch and they could only produce 3 million that would still be enough if the claims that hardly anyone would be buying an AppleWatch held true. You’ve got all these people throwing contradictory FUD around and it just plain stupid.

      Have you ever heard anyone talk of supply constraints for any of the other smartwatches that are being produced by other companies? No. Only Apple is the company supposedly having some problems. Why? Because certain people want to make it seem Apple doesn’t know how to prepare for a product launch.

    2. How can that be? Because that’s normal operating procedure under “supply chain genius” Tim Cook. Every product long overdue and undersupplied to meet the pent-up demand.

      1. They are pumping those out as quickly as possible with the quality and care they require. The genius comes in long term supply chain, where products are just as close to manufacture on demand as possible, so that when product cycles shift, there is no waste left behind. Not to mention, when Apple style demand sets in on a new product, it would overwhelm any business out there, and I am sure Apple handles it better than most would. At least they still take orders and also have accurate estimates even months out.

      1. I expect the same. My immediate family (wife & kids) are on the hook for four Watch. Five if you count the one my son is getting his girlfriend.

        I predict server pokiness and crashing during the pre-order, and very long waits if you don’t get one preordered.

  2. It’s almost ritualistic.

    I already preloaded $1099 onto an Apple Store gift card and triple confirmed the balance to avoid any transaction related issues. The card sits on my desk awaiting it’s brief time to shine.

    I will be shutting off most wifi devices in the house at 11:30pm, having only my MacBook Pro directly connected and the iPad’s hotspot ready as a backup, automatic screen locks and pass codes temporarily disabled.

    All connected to my large 34″ display with a hardwired mouse and keyboard. The system time’s seconds option switched on, and a single instance of Safari as the only open application.

    Anyone else have preparation tips I may have missed?

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