Steve Wozniak tweets his Tesla roadtrip, wins ‘big’ at blackjack

“While munching on some crispy shrimp tacos at a chain restaurant yesterday, I fired up the old Twitter app and noticed an interesting tweet from Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak,” Jason Hidalgo reports for The Reno Gazette-Journal.

“‘Charging on the way to Reno. (@ Tesla Supercharger in Folsom, CA).’ To recap, ‘Woz’ and his wife Janet were traveling. To Reno. In a Tesla electric car,” Hidalgo reports. “How cool is that?”

“One Twitter user excitedly posted a picture of what he claims to be Wozniak’s Tesla Model S P85D electric car at the Silver Legacy parking lot. Better yet, an even more excited Wozniak would tweet about an hour later about he and his wife’s latest blackjack triumph. After winning ‘5 big ones’ at blackjack the previous night, the couple apparently scored another haul” Hidalgo reports. “Their latest ginormous take? ‘Holy moly,’ Wozniak tweeted. ‘We won another $300 with our blackjack system. Time to go home early now.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: What, no Cadillac?

We love ya, Woz!

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  1. Them ads had me believing that woz is a single guy who lives in a soho New York loft and drives a caddy, which could not be further from the tesla driving, married, California living blackjack savant.

  2. I wonder how long he had to wait for the charging at Folsom?
    The distance from San Jose to Reno is 249 miles.
    He probably has the 85KWh battery so the range is about 275 miles on one charge. Probably just topped off while having lunch.

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