Order a fake Apple Watch from China and this is what you get

“China is a country where you can find almost anything,” Bob Woodruff reports for ABC News. “There’s a good chance that if you want it then it is being manufactured in some factory or put together by one of its 1.3 billion citizens. So when I was in Beijing last week I assumed that we could find Apple’s Watch well before it’s officially released.”

“With our research we found good news and bad news. The good news was that we did find a watch that looks like an official Apple Watch with the same color and shape,” Woodruff reports. “The bad news was it is a counterfeit. A knock-off. A fake.”

“What can I say? The differences between the real one and the fake one are huge,” Woodruff reports. “On the knock-off there is a screen, but not a touch screen. If you expect an iPhone on your wrist then please just give up.”

[protected-iframe id=”f7fa343cfa2d4945c01867ea3b1060d4-17146794-18685410″ info=”http://abcnews.go.com/video/embed?id=29775531″ width=”590″ height=”331″ style=”border:none;” scrolling=”no”]

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    1. Don’t stop them. Let them learn the hard way. Because learning the hard way is so much more effective.

      Yesterday a friend of mine asked me whether he should buy the iPhone 6 or the S6. I said go for the S6, then you will find out why you shouldn’t have bought the S6. There no better learning than suffering through the pain.

      1. Hey Paul, I’m getting the idea that a flock of coerced/paid trolls just flew in to ding down the star ratings. Poor, insecure denizens of China. 😛

        Chinese kiddies: Scroll down and read my ‘BTW’ rave review of the LePow U-Stone. Kicking the totalitarian, oppressive, dickhead government in China and being CREATIVE despite them has its rewards, and it shows!

          1. Actually, it is a murder of crows.

            It was named that long before the USA was born let alone having Americans naming a flock of crows, a congress of crows.

            1. I think that whole animal group-name thing is a bunch of BS. It makes no sense. There’s no particular reason why a group of crows needs a special name other than “flock”.

              The “creative” group names don’t serve any purpose other than to be clever and literary.

              It had to be that somebody wrote a book and just made them all up, and after that people cited that book.

    2. No one who wants a real Apple Watch for what it DOES will “fall for it.” These cheap fakes are for people pretending to have an Apple Watch. It’s just a “shell” (with basic watch features) so they can look like they have an Apple Watch on. And Apple loses nothing because they don’t have an iPhone either, so they are not potential Apple Watch customers. If anything, Apple benefits from the free publicity.

  1. I’m cancelling my Apple.com pre-order selection……ummmkayyy!!

    This watch will be a perfect replacement. AppleWatch is doomed…../s

    Christ …what a TOTAL POS knock off. I did like the box design it came in……..

  2. Bug dig that classy packaging! The 💩Watch may be utter crap, but someone’s into high class package design! I have to applaud at least that. 👏

    BTW: If you want to see the ultimate in classy Chinese package design… I recently bought the Lepow U-Stone 12000mAh Power Bank. The packaging is stunning. So is the design of the actual device. Highly recommended for both the unpackaging experience and the utility of the device itself! If China can make creative, reliable and lovely gear like this, their technology sector has a future.

    Watch a review and unboxing at:
    YouTube: /watch?v=a-rHOCBRre8
    Cover your ears when he mentions FragmAndroid devices. 😉


    You are part of an experiment to determine the behavior of Chinese 💩crap💩 fanbois when confronted with poor reviews of Chinese 💩crap💩 on the Internet.

    Note all the ding-downs for EVERY post on this page, including mine that was actually positive about a product developed in China.

    It’s called HERD mentality. The question is: What is the flavor of today’s CATTLE PROD? We have to wonder.

    Mooo! Moof! 😆 🙄

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