Apple’s Internet TV service remains in flux

“Apple’s long-rumored television streaming service remains very much a work in progress,” Martin Peers reports for The Information.

“It is too early to say which channels will be included in the service, as Apple is talking with a wide range of companies about licensing channels,” Peers reports. “And Apple is giving at least some companies the impression it wants to build a broad bundle including a range of popular and niche cable channels, one person familiar with the discussions said.”

“On the business side, Apple will likely pay a per-subscriber fee for a minimum number of subscribers, such as two million, this person said,” Peers reports. “That could mean Apple will pay roughly as much per channel as a mid-sized cable operator like Cox, which serves four million subscribers.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Again, along with the right pricing, the right mix of is crucial – offer some guys ESPN, but not Discovery, for one example, and you might as well not offer them anything. Hopefully, Apple can manage to assemble choices of bundles.


    1. You want it? You got it! One Package At A Time. That’s what’s going to happen, despite the writhing whining and wailing of the cable and satellite media oligarchy.

      Here TWC/Comcast/Verizon/Cox/Dish/Direct, ad nauseam…. Have an aspirin. 😆 😛

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