Kaspersky Lab has close ties to Russian spies – Bloomberg News

“Kaspersky Lab sells security software, including antivirus programs recommended by big-box stores and other U.S. PC retailers. The Moscow-based company ranks sixth in revenue among security-software makers, taking in $667 million in 2013, and is a favorite among Best Buy’s Geek Squad technicians and reviewers on Amazon.com,” Carol Matlack, Michael A Riley, and Jordan Robertson report for Bloomberg News.

“Founder and Chief Executive Officer Eugene Kaspersky used to work for the KGB, and in 2007, one of the company’s Japanese ad campaigns used the slogan ‘A Specialist in Cryptography from KGB,'” Matlack, Riley, and Robertson report. “The sales tactic, a local partner’s idea, was ‘quickly removed by headquarters,’ according to Kaspersky Lab, as the company recruited senior managers in the U.S. and Europe to expand its business and readied an initial public offering with a U.S. investment firm.”

“In 2012, however, Kaspersky Lab abruptly changed course. Since then, high-level managers have left or been fired, their jobs often filled by people with closer ties to Russia’s military or intelligence services,” Matlack, Riley, and Robertson report. “Some of these people actively aid criminal investigations by the FSB, the KGB’s successor, using data from some of the 400 million customers who rely on Kaspersky Lab’s software, say six current and former employees who declined to discuss the matter publicly because they feared reprisals.”

Much more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Things that make you go “hmmm.”

Yet another reason why we’re glad we use Macs!

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Hans Maristela” for the heads up.]


  1. I dunno. This all just makes me uncomfortable about what could happen to ‘puters running Kaspersky or Parallels software if relations between the US/NATO and Russia go even more seriously downhill.

    Not that I have a lot of info valuable to Russia or anything, but cyperwar could render a lot of people’s computing tools into instant collateral damage.

  2. Mixed reviews regarding Kaspersky:

    – Their fearless leader has posted some scathing FUD against OS X in the past year, never welcome, reminiscent of incessant excremental FUD from Symantec. 😛 to that.

    – However, Kaspersky has been at the forefront of discovering and reporting a number of critical security holes in Internet technology and related malware over the past year as well. 😀 Thank you!

    Meanwhile, for Macs, there is better anti-malware. Intego remains my #1 for paid options. ClamXav and Sophos are my #1 and #2 for free options. iOS don’t need no anti-malware, which is why Apple just pulled all iOS anti-malware from its app store.

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