Apple Watch technologies that destroy Android Wear stupidwatches – part 2

“After sifting through several articles and reading reviews on how Apple Watch stacks up to Android Wear devices, one thing became abundantly clear: Objective tech journalism, by and large, has left the building (no longer exists),” Mark Reschke writes for T-GAAP.

“Columnists either fear the mighty hand of Google search and ad power, therefore walking a careful tightrope with their reviews, or in an effort to not look like Apple fans, omit Apple Watch features, attempting to make Apple Watch and Google Wear products equal,” Reschke writes. “This has the added benefit of making their review appear fair. It prompted me to lay out where each product has its victories.”

6. Watch Faces
7. Battery Life
8. Price
9. Mobile Payments
10. Health

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MacDailyNews Note: Part One covered:

1. Size
2. Connectivity
3. Interface
4. Phone Calls
5. Audio Messaging

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    1. Because you can “win” on battery life by sacrificing features, screen quality, etc. Because you can “win” on price by sacrificing on build quality, features, capabilities, etc.

      Seems pretty simple to figure out, commie.

      1. By the way, I battery life point is not as clear. The article says:

        Some Android watches can run up to two-days without need to charge the battery.

        Same can be said about Apple Watch, if you only use it for time and notifications. It is official Apple data: 48 hours in that mode.

        Besides, it is recommended that you give your wrist a rest at nights anyway, so whether some Watch can hold two or even three days does not matter much.

        Even more: if you have to count which nights you have to charge watch, and which to skip, it is unnecessary headache because sometimes you will miss/forget to charge your watch, and will have dead watch by the morning. It is much easier to just charge it nightly than to always track on which nights you do have to charge it, and on which you can skip.

    2. Because it’s not a very good article. He appears to have begun with the headline and then filled in the blanks as he went.

      As for the “winner” on price being simply the lower price, despite lesser abilities, he might as well have written “Winner: Rock. Rocks are much cheaper than the Apple Watch”

    3. Ho Chi Minh,

      Why don’t you do yourself a favor and actually read each area, including 1-5. In total, Apple Watch wins 7 categories, BIG IMPORTANT categories, they TIED in one area, while Android Wear wins in only 2 areas.

      Of those areas Android Wear wins:

      Battery Life: And if you actually READ that area, the bulky sizes of Android Wear, and only “some” having 1.5 day use, you’ll be charging both devices nightly. So who cares? I’d rather sport the less bulkified watch, and that’s Apple Watch.

      Price: He only points out Android Wear as the winner in price due to you get what you pay for, and if you want a cheap dumb-watch, get a cheap Android Wear.

      I’d like to point out that Price is a hard category, because Android Wear will always show up on lame plastic pieces of crap, so t-gaap should have simply compared high-end to high end devices…

      Of course, Ho Chi Minh, you didn’t even read this, because you clearly didn’t even read the article in the first place.

  1. Hellllllllllo! Read this paragraph CLOSELY naysayers….

    Google has designs to get Wi-Fi into Android Wear via software updates. But whether Samsung (Tizen OS) or others have built Wi-Fi into their current watches, and/or will want to pay more to include in their next round of watches due to increase costs, is unknown.

    UM Yeah…….. THE almighty “unknown”…. WALLSHIT COCK@##$ers..!!!! push THAT Google CRACK! FOR FCK SAKE!… What a JOKE! Eric T. MoleHOLE Back Stabber!

    There NEEDS to be a ONE on ONE meet with Tim & Eric. Wanna bet who does NOT show up.?

  2. Here is another anecdote for AssDroid, GlassHoles…

    The average consumer (AssDroid, GlassHole) views most smart watches the same, but that is clearly not the case. Watches are likely to come across as being nearly identical in feature capabilities, but Android buyers will need to do their homework to find out where corners have been cut. This is often presented as choice in the Android world — and to be fair it certainly is choice — but one that quickly erodes to a slew of badly built, cheap products, finding their way to where Windows PCs exist today.


  3. Apple has created an unparalleled, unique experience of excellence.

    Android SmartWatch makers will never match the excellence, quality, craftsmanship, attention to detail, and care taken to produce their SmartWatches that Apple does.

    Android is concerned about the bottom line, how to cut corners, take shortcuts, and produce the cheapest SmartWatch.

    Force touch gives watch* owners, a unique, distinct advantage, and ease of use over its Android competition.

    Pay is becoming the mobile pay industry standard, watch supports this, another advantage.

    Apples ecosystem is also unmatched. If you choose an Android SmartWatch you’re choosing 2nd best.

    Apple’s line of SmartWatches smokes the competition. 😀

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