Eddy Cue: New Steve Jobs doc is ‘inaccurate and mean-spirited’

Apple’s Senior Vice President Internet Software and Services, Eddy Cue isn’t very happy with Alex Gibney’s new documentary, Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine.

Via Twitter earlier today, Cue called the film an “inaccurate and mean-spirited view” of Steve Jobs.

As we wrote last night regarding this film: What about this project demanded Gibney’s attention? Well, looking at his past choices of subject matter, Gibney seems to be very attracted to low hanging fruit (Lance Armstrong, Scientology, Eliot Spitzer), therefore one might conclude that he’s simply a lazy filmmaker one who really seems to enjoy pontificating. Gibney the lazy docudrama producer is far above his lowly subject matter, you see.

This Steve Jobs material is well known by everyone and it’s relatively easy to gather it all up, slap it into a timeline, and excrete 127 (!) minutes that should have been twenty-five or less in the hands of a real director making a properly-edited feature-length film about Steve Jobs’ life. This one’s even easier for Gibney to peddle than some of his others since his subject matter isn’t here to respond.

This docudrama seems to be the celluloid equivalent of Yukari Iwatani Kane’s awful “Apple After Steve Jobs’” book: just another hit-piece on which you wouldn’t want to waste your time.

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  1. This same director directed the HBO docu on Scientology “Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief” appearing March 29th on HBO and Scientology could call it “Inaccurate and mean-sprited” too, except it isn’t. In fact it may be TOO tame.

    Scientology is a dreadful cult run and ruined by corrupted leaders more akin to a dictatorship who aren’t held in check. They need to lose their faux “church” tax status stat and continue to be exposed to avoid ruining people’s lives and their family’s.

    1. The sad truth is that his Scientology documentary is inaccurate — because author has no dignity of doing his work properly — which only helps the cult to paint itself as victim of media slander.

      1. And how do you know this? This sounds like another Scientologist making excuses, trying to confuse or evading the issue. A common, if laughably obvious, Internet strategy. There are real Scientology abuses and it IS a dangerous cult under present dictatorship. Enough of the same problems and stories have come out time and time again to point to “guilty as charged.” This is not a conspiracy against the COS, this is called simply telling the truth. What you are saying does not invalidate what the docu says even if there are minor & unimportant inaccuracies. Look at the Big Picture. It isn’t pretty.

        1. Yes Scientology that evil cult having screwed my brother out of money for pointless electronic boxes that a kid could put together spent 10 years after he finally had the sense to leave them sending us endless propaganda. The worst bit though was when he came home one day proudly boasting about how one of their suedo electronic analysis claimed he would commit suicide by the time he was 40. Sick how these scum can play with impressionable minds to their hearts content and then threaten those who oppose their evil deeds.

          1. Yes, the most litigious cult on the planet but then they have lots to be litigious about. All this negative but richly deserved exposure to doing their declining member numbers no favors. Yes I’ve play with Auditing meters too – a simple mechanism that measures resistance. Nothing magical about it. Just electronic snake oil. Sorry about your brother. Their family policies alone make Scientology enemies of the basic human condition.

        2. Do you need tin foil hat or what?

          My point is that lamely done critiques of the cult is used by it to deny all critiques altogether. Making sloppy documentaries only help them to keep brainwashing their followers.

          1. Have you already seen this documentary to make such a claim? I have read the book it comes from which I do believe reflects the truth. Knowing something about the subject and friends involved there’s nothing lame about the book. What is your definition of “lame” anyway? This sounds like disingenuous Scientologist obfuscation. I do know they left out some important stuff like the mystery of David Miscaviages wife’s disappearance 9 years ago.

    2. Which religion isn’t a cult, dreadful to non-believers, and almost always run by corrupted leaders, either morally or financially? At least Scientology is here for all to see, unlike the others which are generally based on the cult of long-gone personalities whose very existence centuries ago is usually in doubt and urged on believers in the name of blind faith.

      1. Compare Scientology to other faiths where few details are as hidden as they are with Scientology (because if you knew the truth in advance you would be so busy laughing you wouldn’t sign up for this science fiction fairy tale written by a science fiction writer just a few relative scant years ago who knew creating a religion could be lucrative).

        Look at the stories of forced detainment and holding people in Sea Org against their will. Of punishing people in extremely nasty ways in Rehabilitation Project Force tactics. Of the COS head David Miscavige who mentally & physically abuses his staff (oh and hey where’s your missing wife for 9 years Michele David?). Of desperate escapes by the likes of Marc Headley and his wife Claire. These are not isolated incidents.

        I wouldn’t compare old religions with new ones. They are apples and oranges in about every way. It’s disingenuous to make them equal. They are not. Granted all religions have had their dark days, and today it’s Radical Islam. But even that is a warped version of Islam tailor made for violence and jihad.

        Scientology is not “here for all to see.” It’s here and prefers not to be seen and autonomous and secretive about how they abuse workers and extort money from regular Scientologists.

        You’re writing style is right in the Scientologist handbook of cliche Internet responses. I would presume you also are a Scientologist ever vigilant to extinguish criticism. Too bad that ain’t happening anymore. People are on to you.

        1. I’m not into criticizing religions. Many are very good systems of discipline that help people make some sense of their lives.

          But then there are the abusive SCAM RELIGIONS like ‘Scientology’. These clowns took bad sci-fi fantasy stories by L. Ron Hubbard, along with his ‘Dianetics’ fraud psychology, applied to governments for religious status, and inexplicably received it in many countries (not all). There is no actual religion inherent in ‘Scientology’. There is instead just manipulation and the robbery of money from suckers. It’s a classic scam operation.

          What’s most sad is how we humans fall for crap that calls itself ‘truth’.

          Flame me Scienterrificologists. Be my guests. 😛

          1. I love this old Onion parody of “Imaginetics” or Fictionology- The new pipe-dream of modern make-believe!

            “Fictionology’s central belief, that any imaginary construct can be incorporated into the church’s ever-growing set of official doctrines, continues to gain popularity. Believers in Santa Claus, his elves, or the Tooth Fairy are permitted—even encouraged—to view them as deities. Even corporate mascots like the Kool-Aid Man are valid objects of Fictionological worship.”

            Yep just make up the religion of your choice based on pop culture, comic book, TV series, movie “deities.”


            1. At least all of the above are kind, friendly, helpful imaginary sprites. Contrast that to the big bad old Xenu, the megalomaniacal psychopath and his inadvertently demonic Thetans who infest one’s spirit like parasites, ruining ones life. OOO! Scary! Classic nasty FUD faerie tale, designed to manipulate via basic Fight Or Flight human behavior. Shameful garbage. 😛

            2. Yep the worst kind of fictional dreck gussied up to be an actually “religion” and accepted by brainwashed fools By the time OTIII came along people had spent so much money they’d believe ANYTHING, including the Xenu/Volcano/Aliens total Hubbardian fabrications.

              Scientology is not all bad (the “start reasonably and introduce fantasy later when we got em” approach) but when it goes off the rails (in human and philosophical terms) it does so in spectacularly idiotic and vicious fashion. Only weak-minded morons without a shred of independent brain matter left need apply at that point. Well the dwindling numbers of believers do indicate the Internet is making a dent revealing the Hubbard Emperor has no clothes. Their cloak of secrecy is whittling away. And without secrecy this cult cannot survive for long.

  2. The whole “Steve Jobs was an a$$hole who got his girlfriend pregnant” thing is SO tired. If a writer or filmmaker is beating this to death (again), I won’t bother watching or reading it.

    For me, the Walter Isaacson biography of Jobs was a huge disappointment for this very reason. What made Steve Jobs an historical figure was not his proclivaties but the spark of genius that let him see what we didn’t, his ability to edit out useless clutter, and sense what was next. Isaacson failed miserably at that, and merely concluded that Jobs was not a genius. Yet, Steve Jobs made a dent in the universe. My hope is that the upcoming book, “Becoming Steve Jobs” by Brent Schlender and Rick Tetzeli will do justice to his legacy, and explain to readers the intangibles that made Steve Jobs so special, a man worth remembering.

    I’ll skip yet another cheap-shot documentary. As it is, I have to catch up on House of Cards and Bosch. They’re definitely worth my time.

    1. Since the movie is a commentary on SJ and the Apple brand and Gibney is receiving money from a direct competitor shouldn’t the movie fall under FTC’s disclosure regulations?

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