iOS 8.2 delivers unremovable Apple Watch app, hysteria ensues

“iOS 8.2 is here! Hurray!” Greg Kumparak reports for TechCrunch. “It’s got bug fixes! It’s got stability enhancements! It’s got… an app that you can’t delete that currently does nothing but play promotional Apple Watch videos!”

“Joining the dozen or so perma-apps that Apple includes on the iPhone is ‘Apple Watch,’ an app that doesn’t actually do anything yet,” Kumparak reports. “Have you already seen plenty of stuff about the Apple Watch? Don’t intend to buy one? Too bad! You can’t delete it.”

“At this point, the list of undeletable apps is getting a bit silly,” Kumparak reports. “Weather! Clock! Maps! Notes! Reminders! Stocks! Passbook! Newsstand! iBooks!”

Apple Watch app
Apple Watch app

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: It’s going to be okay. With any luck*, we’ll all survive this. No, seriously, we will. Really. Deep breaths.

*Or even with no luck at all.


  1. Big F%^%ing deal. Put the unwanted apps in a folder. The space they take up is minimal.
    It is much better to have the apps already installed than having to find the app and install it. For some customers that will cause confusion and result in unnecessary tech support.
    As for the listed Apps:
    Weather! Clock! Maps! Notes! Reminders! Stocks! Passbook! Newsstand! iBooks!”
    The only one I don’t use is Newsstand.

  2. My iPhone 4S still strong and running fine, slower I agree but I don’t really see any reason to upgrade it.
    This has kept me away from the Apple Watch app problem. I guess iPhone 4S users don’t matter anymore, and we didn’t not receive the unremovable app.

  3. Hasn’t appeared for me.
    Maybe got to do with the fact that the 4S can’t connect to the watch anyway.
    Before I could make use of the watch (beyond what my current watch does: telling the time) I’d have to buy a more recent iPhone first.
    I can see that it’s a psychological problem for some 😉

  4. This is to be expected. Apple thinks of people as customers even if they haven’t heard of Apple yet. It’s part of their very inclusive way of defining the word “customer”.

    It’s not a surprise that they would consider all iPhone owners to be Watch owners, whatever the current circumstances look like. If someone is disinterested or opposed to Watch today, that just means they have a temporarily low level of customer loyalty.

    It would be treated as temporary.

  5. Simple, press and hold until the icons shake. Then move the Apple Watch iCon to the very last page and you don’t have to see it or use it. Or you could make a folder and label it not used and put any apps that you can’t delete in there on the last page. Bunch of whining cry babies over nothing.

    1. See its attitudes like this that piss me off. It’s not nothing. How would you like if I came to your house and took a big shit in your front yard, and when you complained, I’d say, it’s nothing. Just clean it up if you don’t like it. You wouldn’t, and I am for one tired of Apple foisting shit on me that I don’t want, taking up precious resources (I.e. Space on my iPhone)

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