Build your own Apple Watch and try it on at your local Apple Store before buying

“Apple is preparing a new Reserve and Pickup system at its retail stores that will roll out in time for the Watch launch on April 24th, according to sources,” Zac Hall reports for 9to5Mac.

“The Reserve and Pickup system for the Apple Watch will differ from the existing Personal Pickup system for other products, which allows customers to fully purchase items online before picking them up at Apple retail locations,” Hall reports. “The new system will allow potential Watch customers to reserve a desired case and band combination online, then try the specific Watch in-store before completing the purchase.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Boy, we certainly hope Apple has some changes coming to retail stores or, even with this system in place, the Apple Watch could be a train wreck of delays, waiting and confusion. A little birdie tells us that Apple’s cooking up some things.

As we hinted back on February 3rd: “How about ‘Apple Watch Stores’ (either stores-within-stores or as separate entities, kiosks or otherwise grander) dedicated specifically to Apple Watch customers? Watch and see.”

And as we stated flatly on February 13th: “Wave goodbye to the last of Apple’s mini-stores… and Say hello to dedicated Apple Watch Stores.”


    1. I’m sure that will happen but in the initial roll out the majority of sales will happen online or through Apple Stores.
      Once inventory is normalized then the outlets will expand.

  1. The initial demand is bound to exceed supply as always happen with Apple products. Also getting hold of the device on the first day of release will be tricky especially if the volume is high.
    I used to get the iPhone on first day of release. Starting with the 3GS I pre-ordered, picked up at the Apple store. There was not much wait when I got there early and it was reasonably organized. For the 4S, I had it delivered but in the end had to pick up from the UPS depot. But still got it on the day of release. For the 5S, ended up buying at the AT&T store about 6 months after release since I was switching plans. Needed an appointment but it was reasonably straight forward.
    The point is that getting an Apple product on day of release can be a bit chaotic. Since this is a new product, Apple may not know exactly the best way to do this so expect that some issues may occur.
    The hardest part will be pre-ordering. If you don’t get the watch ordered then, it could be a month or too before you get your hands on one.

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