Federal appeals court scoffs at U.S. DOJ, Federal Puppet Denise Cote, and Apple’s ‘antitrust monitor’ Bromwich

“It’s not the new watch, but this week’s other big Apple news is that the Justice Department’s antitrust campaign is going about as well as the Russian winter did for Napoleon,” The Wall Street Journal editorializes. “On Tuesday the Second Circuit Court of Appeals heard oral arguments about the roving prosecutor embedded inside Apple, and the three judges seemed skeptical.”

“Apple is working to evict Michael Bromwich from its Cupertino offices, where the lawyer has camped since federal district Judge Denise Cote ruled that Apple conspired with publishers to fix digital book prices,” WSJ writes. “Mr. Bromwich was installed over Apple’s opposition, and he took the appointment as an invitation to all but bug the Apple boardroom. Mr. Bromwich’s investigation with an unlimited mandate and budget has drifted well afield of antitrust into Apple’s business and corporate culture.”

“Mr. Bromwich’s quasi-prosecutorial operation exceeds the judicial power and has included abuses such as collaborating ex parte with Justice to serve a witness against Apple in an adversarial hearing. Judge Jesse Furman pressed DOJ’s lawyer Finnuala Tessier three times to concede that it would be ‘improper’ if a judge had behaved like Mr. Bromwich. She ducked the questions,” WSJ writes. “Ms. Tessier argued that the court lacks jurisdiction and should remand Apple’s protests about Mr. Bromwich back to Judge Cote. But in a vicious and biased cycle, every time Apple objects in Judge Cote’s court, she takes it as evidence of why the monitor is necessary. The Second Circuit can end this farce—and restore the proper limits of the judiciary—by instructing Mr. Bromwich and his team to pack up their Scooby Doo van.”

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MacDailyNews Take:

Lady Elaine Fairchilde (left), Judge Denise Cote (right),or vice versa
Lady Elaine Fairchilde (left), Judge Denise Cote (right), or vice versa
The U.S DOJ is clueless, laughably manipulated by Amazon’s tiny little man with a Napoleon Complex, Denise Cote is a woodenheaded puppet, and Browich is a greedy, over-billing, overstepping, pompous little asshole.

The whole thing is a bad joke that just gets worse the longer it goes on.

Put an end to this debacle, Second Circuit!

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Hiram” and “Rainy Day” for the heads up.]

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    1. It’s easy enough to get by this one, but it’s understandable that people don’t know how. Copy and paste the URL into Google News, then click on the link from there. If MDN insists on linking to the WSJ, they could at least repeat these instructions, or just link directly to the Google News link.


    2. Sometimes interesting articles are behind a paywall. Even if you can’t access the original, MDN has summarized it for you, and that’s good. 🙂

      I’m a WSJ subscriber, so had already read the article, which is indeed an interesting one.

  1. Is that light I see at the end of the tunnel? It will be interesting to see the fallout, should the Federal Appeals Court end the Bromwich inquisition of Apple and find Judge Cote’s decision to be misguided and in error.

    1. Unfortunately, a much more likely scenario is that the appeals court sends it back to Cote with specific details about how the appeals court believes she made mistakes and the specific elements of her rulings they want her to reconsider.

      Unfortunately, it could go much like another Apple case where the appeals court sent it back to the lower court with specific instructions and the lower court basically said, “After reconsidering, I was right the first time and here’s why.” Now its back at the appeals court again.

      While I hope there are definitive (and maybe even final) rulings out of the appeals court, I’m not counting on it.

  2. I sure hope there is some justice done with this case, it defies basic sense of morality and logic, although that’s not too surprising considering the source.

  3. Before people get too excited, the WSJ opinion page has long been outspoken against the DOJ’s prosecution of Apple in the eBooks case, so don’t take this opinion piece as evidence that Apple will soon be free of this parasite lawyer/monitor.

    Appellate courts tend to be conservative and won’t overturn unless something is egregiously wrong.

  4. IMO, this entire DOJ action against apple was absolutely wrong from the beginning.

    Just for the record, I’m a democrat who supports the recent Net Neutrality actions and many of the Administrations positions, but I’ve been totally opposed to the DOJ on this from the beginning.

    (BTW, I’m not claiming that the DOJ’s position on this is a white house position, as it would always have been inappropriate for the white house to attempt to influence the DOJ.)

    Many of my friends who are democrats feel the same way on this. Anti trust actions are supposed to be brought in SUPPORT of free trade. From the beginning, Amazon has been the near monopolist hear, and these actions have only helped to maintain that near monopoly.

  5. That article was offensive.
    The Scooby Doo van contained young volunteers who solved mysteries and captured criminals.

    If Bromwich’s crew are sent packing, they’ll be using a clown car or an Amazon drone.

  6. I do believe this farce and miscarriage of completely misguided agenda-driven lefty justice will soon end. Judge Cote is clearly a dangerous ditzy nutbag delivering bizarre court interpretations that suggest a personal agenda than a fair one. If she was an archer she couldn’t hit the broadside of a barn either in terms of accurate judgments or aim. (BTW I’m no fan of any political party but disingenuous smarmy liberal thinkers who are judges or otherwise make me especially nauseous. Your mileage may vary.)

    How it’s been allowed to go on this long without a major correction is anyone’s corrupted government slow courts guess.

    1. Liberals have no corner on disingenuous and smarmy. Conservatives have a major news network and apparently 47 Senators who know disingenuous and smarmy as their mantra.

      1. I wasn’t excepting conservatives, but when liberals do it’s especially self-righteous, full of PC puffery and nauseating. I wouldn’t call those 47 Republican Senators smarmy so much as traitorous. You just don’t undermine a sitting President (as much as you night not like him or did not vote for him). We are the UNITED States Of America. Polarization too is it’s own dis-reward. We look like idiots to the world.

        I laughed at what should have been an Onion article (but sadly was true) about the Iranian offer to broker peace between the President & the Republicans. Our founding forefathers are writhing in their graves.

        1. I’m suspecting violent agreement here. Perhaps with some parallax adjustment to correct for point of view. False outrage and deliberate lies are my hot buttons.

          As to Iran helping out the President and the Republicans, they couldn’t do much worse than the Israelis. We really do need to start sending adults to Washington.

        2. Actually, the founding fathers are celebrating. Only Congress has the authority to lift or impose sanctions.

          The President does not. The Senate wrote the letter when the President told them that he was not going to veto the bill to allow them to review the deal as it relates to sanctions – basically the bill was about reinforcing the constitutional checks and balances. The President has overstepped his constitutional authority with his position (as he has with many other things) and this was a partial righting of that ship.

          The letter informed the parties of our country’s due process. Had Obama heeded the constitution in the first place, he would have opened the door for Congressional review as it relates to sanctions.

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