Analyst: ‘Apple joining Dow is extremely bad for Apple’

“Apple stock rose Friday on news that the Cupertino, Calif.-based consumer electronics leader will join the Dow Jones Industrial Average later this month,” Patrick Seitz reports for Investor’s Business Daily.

“Some, however, see Apple’s addition to the Dow a warning flag,” Seitz reports. “‘Apple joining Dow is extremely bad for Apple,’ Global Equities Research analyst Trip Chowdhry said in a note. ‘Joining Dow takes the shine off the Apple and makes it a rotten Apple. Companies in Dow have historically symbolized companies which are boring, have zero innovation, are complacent and are inching closer to irrelevance by the day… which is definitely not what Apple is all about.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Oh, puleeze. We don’t call him “Trippy Chowderhead” for nothing:

• Apple has only ’60 days left to either come up with [an iWatch] or they will disappear.Trip Chowdhry, May 2014

• Apple does not have the capability to understand the competition and lacks the vision and ability to deliver new products; Jon Rubinstein understands what needs to be done and has the ability to deliver.Trip Chowdhry, April 2014

• To prevent further destruction of shareholder value, Apple’s CEO and CFO need to be replaced sooner rather than later. The team of Jon Rubenstein [sic] (Father of iPod) as CEO and Fred Anderson as CFO, may be best to revive Apple.Trip Chowdhry, March 2014

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  1. How does this wrong-headed numbskull still have a job. Would love to see a list of his hits, cause there sure seem to be a lot of misses in re: Apple.

    1. For rags like the Investors Business Daily, it’s not about accuracy, it’s about clicks. If IBD would only post an “accuracy score” for him, everyone would know how worthless what he says is. This guy must have the world’s worse case of narcissism, to keep writing this drivel and be unable to self-correct.

    1. Please do not be derogatory towards douches, they have a place in the world that some wish they had, where as trippy chowderhead has his head up in a much less pleasant place

  2. Yes, when hearing the news that Apple is becoming part of the DJIA, Tim Cook immediately sent an email to all employees. “Our mission going forward is to be boring…” 🙂

    This “analyst” is even dumber than most.

  3. When will they learn that Apple always reverses industry norms. Anytime an analysts says “what happened to other companies in this circumstance is…”, he should catch himself and… think different!

  4. The $indu could use some more companies that relentlessly innovate. Apple is one of them and there are others. All companies are tech companies today – if you aren’t a tech company, then you won’t survive.

  5. imagine if other people performed like analysts….

    say pilots

    for every ten flights they flew they would crash 7.

    financial analysts are unique.

  6. It’s not bad for Apple, but it’s not very good for the DJIA as a measure of industrial companies in general. With AAPL’s inclusion, the index is now just Apple and the also-rans.


    1. I agree with John overall. The PR is good for Apple, but the math of the Dow will make the other Dow members look better than they are.

      The traditional grouping of Tech stocks or utilities etc is more useful to me.

  7. Analyst: ‘Apple joining Dow is extremely bad for Apple’

    Because for every beautiful new day of Apple success, there’s a dower Apple Bear Bullshitter laying in wait to make us all miserable and bludgeon down the AAPL price. Laugh at the foolery. 😆

  8. 1. If Apple does something, it is doomed or something.
    2. If Apple doesn’t do something, it is doomed or something.
    3. If someone else does something, Apple is doomed or something.
    4. If someone else doesn’t do something, Apple is doomed or something.

    A rising analyst.

  9. Well, this will force a few mutual finds and index funds to buy more AAPL, if they haven’t already. If you purport to have an investment fund that mimics the DJIA then you’ll have to own AAPL.

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