Apple hanging banners at Yerba Buena Center for ‘Spring Forward’ March 9th special event

Apple has begun hanging banners outside the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts art gallery in San Francisco, California ahead of the company’s “Spring Forward” special media event scheduled for Monday, March 9th at 10am PDT/1pm EDT.

It is widely expected that Apple CEO Tim Cook and other company executives will take the stage to reveal details about Apple Watch, including pricing, battery life, demos of third-party apps, and launch date.

There have also been reports that an all-new 12-inch Mac portable may be unveiled although we’ve heard from one source that it’s possible that Apple will save that product for later this year in order to avoid deflecting full attention from Apple Watch.

Apple will webcast March 9th ‘Spring Forward’ special event live on Apple TV and via its website ( As always, MacDailyNews will cover the event with live notes, so you red our reactions and comment on the proceedings as you watch Apple’s live webcast. Check our home page for the coverage link on Monday morning.

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  1. Let’s see if Timmy Boy has got the Balls to admit that Bugsemite’s early release was a mistake and that is a lesson to him, just like Steve apologized for i.e. Antennagate or MobileMe, a gesture that was just another proof for his greatness.

    If Steve was such a great teacher to Tim, just like he explained to us just a few days ago, Tim would definitely show responsibility for the mistake, the sooner the better.

    The Mac OS is the brand core. You better do not play around with that.

    1. Yes. The sooner we get rid of the flat and ugly Yosemite, the better. It would be nice if Apple took its core seriously again rather than introducing features that serve to make the computer into a giant phone.

  2. Bring it on!
    Retina MBAir finally?
    Apple Watch demo?
    10.10.3 with Photo App and finally bugfree?
    iCloud Drive App for iOS?
    Preview App incl Signature for iOS?

    Get it on, Mr. Ive. some british stiffness is missing here, some people say.

  3. It’s going to be all about the Apple Watch with status updates and iOS 8.2. Nothing else. No one more thing. No Apple TV, no iPad Pro, no MacBook Air 12″, no Photos, no Apple Beats Service, or anything else Apple is working on. Just the Apple Watch.

  4. That’S true, this company market cap is insanely great.

    But the mistakes they do now are the ones which bring this company to fall sooner or later.

    The biggest enemy has got theses days is  itself, namely … uh – you know it!
    The QA on software development and Integration is mandatory, there is no excuse for early release!
    • Do it right or get lost.

    Focussing on their strength means overseeing their weaknesses, and there are some substantial ones.

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