Pebble’s new ‘Pebble Time Steel’ mimics look of gold Apple Watch Edition

Pebble is worried.

So much so, that they’ve ripped a page out of Google’s, Samsung’s, Xiaomi’s and many, many others’ playbooks: Copy Apple as closely as possible; appropriate their trade dress to the point of infringement in order to rope in the ignorati.

Pebble’s Kickstarter page introduces the “Pebble Time Steel” with the line that “This time we mean business.”

The Pebble Time Steal, er… Steel features a 316L stainless steel casing and a “premium” leather and stainless steel strap.

For some reason – we can’t quite place it – it looks eerily familiar:

The "all-new" Pebble Time Steel
The “all-new” Pebble Time Steel

Oh, wait, now we remember! We have seen something like this before, last autumn, for the first time:

Apple Watch Edition in 38mm 18-karat yellow gold case with bright red modern buckle strap
Apple Watch Edition in 18-karat yellow gold case with bright red modern buckle strap

Shameless, Pebblesung. Absolutely shameless.

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: March 3, 2015. The day Pebble jumped the shark.


  1. Of all the watch and band combinations, this one with the yellow gold, red leather band and lipstick red digital crown, seem to me to be the most feminin of them all. No big whoop, just sayin’ … I really hope Malissa Mayer will be so kind as to treat us to another ‘red ball’ pic, but this time, styling this sexy watch.

    1. Apple does not have a patent on the rectangle or gold. It actually has more differences here than some cell phones from some manufacturers though! Wait till Stauer makes smart watches… they have the best ad copy!

  2. Even in a grocery store the own brand packaging has a similar colour scheme to the premium brand.

    You just have to accept it as part of the market. It’s not a slavishly close as some other Apple product knock-offs. The strap is a standard fixing not a direct copy of Apple ; and I doubt if the red shade is a patented colour.

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