Huawei slams Apple Watch, calls design ‘geeky, clumsy’

At Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the booth of Chinese mobile phone and equipment maker Huawei, “the carnival barker approach was used to highlight the company’s smartwatch, called simply the ‘Huawei Watch,'” Tiernan Ray reports for Barron’s.

MacDailyNews Take: Gee, it’s a race for who’s come up with the most original name this week: Samsung Pay or Huawei Watch? We’ll call it a tie steeped in unimaginative fecklessness.

“A presenter stood in front of a projection of a slide showing four competing smartwatches as a crowd gathered to hear him talk about why they were not as good as Huawei’s. The devices attacked included Apple’s forthcoming Apple Watch,” Ray reports. “The speaker noted their general weakness: ‘geeky, clumsy design.'”

Huawei Watch
Huawei Watch

More details and photos in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Check out the full article to see more angles of the Huawei Watch. As one commenter (Duncan) said over at Barron’s, from the side, it does indeed look “like a dog dish.”

Perhaps, like the South Koreans, the Chinese should stick to blatantly copying Apple products? Too bad for all of them that they’ll never be able to copy Apple’s ecosystem.


  1. There is plenty of geek chic, yes, but I think that’s part of what makes it attractive. It’s unique and instantly recognizable. It’s yet another iconic Apple design.

    But clumsy? Lol, Jony Ive doesn’t do clumsy.

        1. I’m with Mike, and not just because of the cryptic flat look. Apple software is no longer as troublefree as it was. Features are gone. Help menus are atrocious. Intuitivity is lost. If this is what free software is supposed to be, then count me out. I will pay for decent software. But it’s been a continuous slide downhill since Snow Leopard as one by one decent programs were abandoned and the iCloud became the center of Apple’s attention.

          But I’m a Mac user and this is now an iOS chat board. Fine, let’s just start off with the core program to all iOS devices — does anyone here really believe that Apple is doing an admirable job maintaining iTunes? It is clunkier and slower than ever. I haven’t launched iTunes in years without seeing beach balls galore, and it sure isn’t because of lack of power in the Mac Pro. If this is the level of software quality we should expect from Apple in the future, then power users like us will move on. There are no excuses. Apple needs to stop acting like a Microsoft ASAP.

          1. iTunes may as well have been designed by Who Are We. It’s at the top of a very small list of things that I wish Apple would scrap and start all over again. It’s bizarre in its screwyness. It does so many weird unhelpful things I wish I had never seen it.

            1. Such as? There are some things which have changed, and which I struggled with because I hadn’t read about the changes, but now I’m used to them I find it works very well.
              The only thing that was removed that I really want back is the facility to have two or more windows open at once, so I can see what’s in my phone’s library at the same time as the main library, so I can easily check for duplicates.
              Other than that I don’t have any significant issues, and I don’t get spinning beach balls for more than a few seconds on opening, and that’s on a Mac Mini from 2010 with 4Gb of RAM.

      1. I agree. Yosemite is a step backwards in terms of usability, intelligibility, beauty, and detail. I still can’t get over the dimensionless flat look of the icons in the dock. Ive needs to go back to the kindergarten class he paid for the Yosemite design and ask them to put their crayons up and pass them back to the front of the room.

  2. Huawei is making the same huge mistake Samsung made – trying to beat Apple to the market with a product, then being left explaining why their product is so lacking compared to what Apple releases (on Apple’s own timeline).

    And Huawei’s watch is thicker than a finger! Wow, must feel like a brick on your wrist (and work like one with Android Wear, too).

  3. I’d tend to agree, but what’s their point? Until battery, memory, processor, sensors and screen tech get much smaller, you won’t get full features in a skinny, elegant smartwatch with a decent-sized display. So you can go with the best available (which Apple watch will certainly be for some time), or you can wait a few years for the tech to improve, and deprive yourself of smartwatch functionality all that time because it messes with your sense of style.

  4. I will hold judgement until i use it, but my first impression is actually the same — the Apple Watch isn’t slim and attractive, it’s lumpy geek fashion. And yes, going to a miniaturized click wheel after using a touchscreen for 5 years may be clunky. Huawei may be wrong, but so could all the Apple fanboys here too.

    1. Funny how you say the Apple Watch is “lumpy”, yet you don’t criticize the Huawei Watch for setting an inch high off the wrist with the lugs jutting into space.

      Apparently you don’t know jack shit about what a watch design is all about.

      1. Don’t be such a dick. Femme didn’t say a word about the H-wei watch she just called it as she saw it. WTF is wrong with you that you can’t accept her stating her opinion?

  5. The gap between the hand and band And the towering watch is another revolutionary huawei vision :
    Its where u stick a stylus or any pen of your choice.

    Yes it was a deliberate design feature!

  6. The one thing the Chinese government will not allow Huawei to copy is Apple’s embedded security and privacy. That is, all Huawei’s gadgets by law will have a back-door built in to the device so that big brother will always know what you are thinking. (Remember the book 1984.)

  7. If those watches in the photo are what Huwai are trying to sell, well, they ought to be ashamed of themselves; a Texas Instruments digital watch from the ’70’s looks more stylish.
    And is certainly cooler to wear.

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