Apple Watch has battery-preserving ‘Power Reserve’ mode

“The word’s still out on whether the Apple Watch will be a commercial hit when it debuts this April — but there’s one feature that might make the high-tech wearable especially attractive,” Jack Linshi reports for TIME Magazine.

“The Apple Watch will have a battery-preserving ‘Power Reserve’ mode,” Linshi reports, “in which the device shows only the time, the New York Times reports, citing an unnamed Apple employee.”

Linshi reports, “Apple hasn’t announced the Apple Watch’s exact battery life, but CEO Tim Cook said in January that the watch will last ‘all day.'”

Read more in the full article here.


      1. Uhm, you do realize that the original story is in the NYTs, not TIME magazine. The byline is Brian Chen’s, he of the famous, the iPhone is a failure in Japan, story, which he wouldn’t retract even when the quoted posted that they were misquoted.

      2. Bigotry? Towards the NYT? The paper that still hasn’t returned the pulitzer prize that Walter Duranty was given for acting as Stalin’s main propaganda outlet in the west?

        The lies they tell about Apple are small change.


  1. “This Feature Could Save the Apple Watch”

    Gee I did not know that the  Watch needed saving.

    That’s about as far as I got with that article.

  2. ““The word’s still out on whether the Apple Watch will be a commercial hit”

    Yea, clueless tech writers versus everyone else who has seen the demo.
    Same was true with the iPhone introduction.

    1. Anyone who has fumbled to get a phone and dropped it (like everyone) knows what the advantage of an Apple Watch can do.

      I’m just guessing we have a lot of troglodytes in the NYTimes who don’t really use their mobile phones much.

  3. Apple should enable some kind of automatic charging with the movement of the watch. If the the Taptic engine has movable parts for its actuation why not use it also for charging. If this does´t solve the battery life issue, I guess it could at least help.

    1. Actually Apple should be thinking about solar power to recharge the battery. I’ve been utterly shocked that no one has mentioned this, and that Apple haven’t already done it. I know it would add some thickness, but you could actually reduce the battery capacity a small amount to make up for it, as most watches would get plenty of light during the day. I don’t know if patents are at issue, but Apple could easily buy Citizen out just to get them if necessary.

  4. From experience (my son has a Moto 360 watch), this reserve power setting will be MOST appreciated! Trust me: his watch runs out of steam, and then there’s just a lump on his wrist, which he checks, only to see–nothing!

    Having a power reserve setting where you can still read the time is crucial. Trust me on this: not having it makes the other watches worse than wearing nothing.

  5. Yawn.. Absolutely no interest.. I am hoping that the March 9 event will have something else instead of just Watch. Happy for everyone who are waiting with bated breath for the Watch.. so that they can see Time in a Different way :). How I will not know though

    1. The iPhone is not just a phone.

      The AWatch will not be just………

      Ow never mind, forget it. I am just tired of educating the morons on this board.

  6. Recently in Singapore, university researchers have discovered an inexpensive way for lithium ion batteries to last multiple weeks per charge instead of a day or two. The report I read (can’t remember source) said it will take a few more years for these types of batteries to become commercial products. So this battery life problem is very short term.

    1. Sorry, but the research just allows faster charging; it doesn’t increase the charge duration. I suspect that’ll be of more use to high-current applications such as laptops and cars than watches.

  7. I hope Apple Watch isn’t like the Swine Flu Vaccine. You remember…the world’s only cure for which there was no known disease. I’m guessing it will take longer than Apple TV to catch on with the public. If Apple gives it the same amount of attention, it will take decades.

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