Open thread: What do you think of Woz’s new Cadillac TV commercial?

Automaker General Motors has a new advertising campaign centered around those who “drive the world forward” that they call “Dare Greatly.”

“The Daring” campaign features Jason Wu, Anne Wojcicki, Njeri Rionge, Richard Linklater, and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak.

The iconic Steve Jobs famously declined to appear in Apple TV commercials. So, what do you think of an Apple co-founder doing one? Ronald Wayne we could definitely see (his hideously costly decision could be used in myriad ways by marketeers), but Woz?

Bonus, “behind the scenes” with a highly-caffeinated Woz:


    1. Agreed. This is Woz trying to get in front of a camera protecting his legacy. He sees his mortality coming and he wants to be remembered. He perhaps feels he was the more important of the two Steves, or perhaps he just wants to remind everyone of what he felt his influence meant.

      As much as he’s a lovable guy and seemingly altruistic in how he gives everything away for the good of the world, he certainly lacks a lot in the way of humility. Look at the number of times he says “I” and “me” in that piece.

  1. The commercial is ridiculously stupid (he lays there listening to vinyl on a high end record player??). The interview is, however, awesome. Cadillac should have just used the interview as their commercial–but apparently large companies, and large ad firms can’t think different….. Except one of course.

  2. My first thought: Is Woz actually out of money?

    Pimping for Government Motors? Seriously?
    (Not that I’d ever buy a “U.S.” vehicle, but, if I was forced to — Obama’s next overreach? — it would be a FORD since they didn’t take government bailouts.)

    1. Man, your hatred runs deep. First, it wasn’t a bailout, it was access to financing. And the only reason Ford didn’t take federal funds is they had just completed restructuring their borrowing BEFORE the Wall Street crash.

          1. You have to ask yourself if the amount the government lost was worth it. The government lost about $10.5 billion dollars on GM. I haven’t seen a realistic estimate about what unemployment and the negative effects on the economy and tax revenue would have been if GM had gone bankrupt, but I think it’s fair to say that the government would have lost more than $10.5 billion.

            But even if you still disagree with the bailout, I think it would be very disingenuous to say that any other plan would have worked better.

            1. No. GM should have been allowed to enter bankruptcy, restructure, and then compete in the market unfettered by bad contracts from an outmoded, unsustainable time.

              What happened was that the UNIONS backed OBAMA and so OBAMA paid back the UNIONS with a GM bailout. This made GM weaker than it would have been had it been allowed to do as many, many companies have successfully done – enter bankruptcy, restructure properly, and emerge ready to compete.

              Obama is a bought and sold, empty-suited fraud who significantly and routinely hurts the country he pretends he loves, but really hates and deeply despises with centralized, beureacratic, wasteful programs that are clearly doomed to fail (Obamacare, for one big example).

            2. There is plenty of blame to go around from the car companies and politicians but don’t lose sight of the “root” cause of this whole debacle and the was the banks and the greedy slime balls running scams.

              They should all be in jail period.

            3. It wasn’t the Unions alone that killed GM- decades of managers more interested in accounting tricks and bonuses than making quality products killed GM.

              Read Irreconcilable Differences: Ross Perot Versus General Motors- the company pissed away enough money under Roger Smith to Buy Toyota and Ford and had not a damn thing to show for it.

              Publisher: Little Brown & Co (T); 1st edition (March 1989)
              Language: English
              ISBN-10: 0316522112
              ISBN-13: 978-0316522113

      1. Yes it was a bailout and I am no Republican. GM cost taxpayers an estimated $60+ Billion in pension costs, the GMAC Bailout, the Delphi bailout and liquidation of other assets.

        Both Bush and Obama handed GM TARP money and it took even more for GMAC and Delphi (GM Parts).

    2. Also, your second video complains that GM is building cars outside the USA, notably China.

      Where the heck do you think Apple makes all its stuff? A lot more than 70% is made outside the U.S. And Apple also has offices and outlets all around the world, just like GM.

      And, of course, GM paid their loans back, with interest. Or doesn’t that count in your narrow little view of the world…

      1. Did Apple take $80 billion in U.S. taxpayers money bequeathed by Obama to pay off unions (kickbacks) for backing his candidacy? No, Apple did not. Therefore, Apple can contract with whatever companies they damn well like.

        You take U.S. taxpayer’s money, you should invest in the U.S., not China, and create U.S., not Chinese, jobs. It’s simply common sense. You should try it sometime.

  3. Retro Woz. Very strange. And yeah, he’s highly caffeinated.

    As for Woz’s mentioning of AI (artificial technology): The subject is going through another round of meme mongering. Real AI is still way beyond the horizon and likely impossible with today’s incredibly clunky programming languages. What we’re making these days is better and more useful knowledge-based systems (KBS) as well as robotics.

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