Only 40% of world’s population has ever gone online

“Here in the U.S. and other developed countries, many of us take Internet access for granted,” Angela Moscaritolo reports for PC Magazine. “Elsewhere, however, surfing the Web is not as easy as firing up our smartphone or powering on the laptop.”

“In fact, a new report from Facebook’s reveals that just 40 percent of the world’s citizens have ever gone online,” Moscaritolo reports. “That number, of course, shoots up in developed countries, where 78 percent of the population is now online, compared to just 32 percent in emerging countries.”

“In Sub-Saharan Africa, for instance, just 16.9 percent of citizens access the Internet — compared to an overwhelming 84.4 percent in North America,” Moscaritolo reports. “By early 2015, 3 billion people around the world will be online, an ‘incredible milestone.’ But, on a less enthusiastic note, adoption of the Internet is slowing. The rate of growth declined in 2014 for the fourth year in a row, falling to just 6.6 percent from 14.7 percent in 2010. ‘At present rates of decelerating growth, it won’t reach 4 billion people until 2019,’ according to the report.”

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  1. Top ten countries by internet users currently are: China, United States of America, India, Japan, Brazil, Russia, Germany, Nigeria, United Kingdom, France.

    Obviously, countries like Indonesia are severely lagging. With equal Internet use peneteration, the list should look like this: China, India, Indonesia, United States of America, Brazil, Nigeria, Russia, Japan, Germany, et cetera.

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