Broadwell: Apple’s forthcoming MacBook Air will use Intel’s 5th generation Core

“Intel’s latest Broadwell chips are widely expected to be used in the impending release of Apple’s latest MacBook Air refresh,” Khidr Suleman and Joe Curtis report for IT Pro. “The MacBook Air 2015 will utilise the silicon giant’s fifth Generation Core processor, which promises up to 90 minutes extra battery life compared to Intel’s fourth generation, known as Haswell.”

“The latest enhancements to Apple’s laptop suggest the tech giant will use Intel’s new Broadwell-Y Core M processors for their power-efficient 4.5W performance, as well as being fanless,” Suleman and Curtis report. “Broadwell will ship with native support for 4K display technology, Intel Wireless Display 5, Wireless AC7265 cards and Wireless Docking via WiGig.”

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  1. Actually, I’m waiting for a Retina MacBook Pro that can beat this:
    Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Intel i7 Broadwell Laptop w/ 4K Touchscreen Display, 8GB RAM and AMD R7 275 4GB Discrete GPU for $1129.99

    I know Apple’s version would be a bit more expensive, but what do you expect for better build quality, better operating system, and better integration with your other devices.

    I don’t need (or want) a touch screen display. And, I want it to have an SSD instead of a slow 5400 RPM one TB hard drive.

    Come on Apple. Show Dell you’re still the top of the laptop world!

    1. What’s the value of having more pixels than can be seen by the eye at a normal viewing distance? Obvious the extra GPU ram would help drive more/larger external monitors. Touch, worthless.

      You seem to have lost touch with Apple’s options. Apple already offers a 1TB PCIe SSD. Other than the educational base MBP model 13″ I don’t think they offer “Regular” hard drives in either the Air, MBPR 13″ or MBPR 15″.

      The thing I want more other than anything else are 32GB of system RAM and TouchID.

  2. Have to say that Michael Dell’s company, after taking it private, has a lot of positives going for it. The Inspiron 15 above and the XPS 13 (competing with the MacBook Air) is ahead in features/performance. Time for Apple to set the new standard against the new generation of laptops.

  3. Looks like the Dell social media team is earning its pay today. C’mon, this isn’t 1998: we all know it’s not about raw specs. It’s about the overall experience. And Dell just can’t compete, no matter what the spec sheet says.

    1. Well spotted you can’t even take these lame brains seriously any more for that particular battle is long gone whatever the Dell PR dept’s delusion distortion field may want to suggest otherwise. Just a bit sad really no ones told them the new realities.

  4. And what kind of graphics? More Intel vampire video (HD Graphics- not even Iris Pro) or can we expect something decent?

    Apple spent time reworking OS X to allow GPUs to be used to boost CPU performance and then switched to crappy integrated graphics on many/most of their models.

    BTW- can we now get a refresh of the Mac Mini with Quad Core CPUs and at least Iris Pro Graphics?

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