Some Asians angered by Apple’s ‘racist’ yellow emoji

“In an effort to better represent society, Apple has revealed a new set of globally diverse emoji that will come in six different skin tones,” Ellie Zolfagharifard reports for The Daily Mail. “The tones include an option that turns a character yellow – a shade that the the Cupertino-based company says it intended to be ethnically neutral.”

“But the colour has angered some Apple users, particularly those in China, who claim that the yellow tone is offensive to Asians,” Zolfagharifard reports. “Many took to Twitter to voice their concerns with one user, Jade Tran, writing: ‘Is the yellow emoji suppose to represent Asians because I have never in my life seen an Asian lookin like that.'”

MacDailyNews Take: Those emoji are meant for those suffering from Jaundice, silly. Apple is mucho inclusive, dontcha know?

“The move could damage Apple’s reputation in one of its leading markets. The group doubled its sales in China last year, while Samsung has been losing market share,” Zolfagharifard reports. “The new emoj are being trialled on OS X 10.10.3 and iOS 8.3 beta 2.”

Apple's new emoji

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MacDailyNews Take: American Indians… sorry, Native Amercians reportedly replied, “Hey, you Asians, at least you got some emoji.”

Crying indian

Everybody’s aggrieved. Sheesh.

Some people really need to lighten the fsck up… oops, relax.

In closing: Go Redskins!

(We’re really Dolphins fans. Great, now here comes PETA!)

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    1. I have never seen a WHITE emoji. As far as I can tell, they are pinkish beige or brownish or yellowish but NOT WHITE. Even albinos aren’t quite WHITE.

      Get over it! The amount of pigment in someone’s skin does not create or destroy their character.

    2. Considering the first emoji font was created in JAPAN, I don’t think there is much to complain about yellow emojis being racist. Plus, the “Have a Nice Day” happy face icon has been yellow for decades.

      1. No, the original DoCoMo emojis were 12×12 pixel black and white bitmaps that had no race, although many of the symbols were reflective of Asian culture. There were far fewer emojis back then as well… 176, before Apple submitted more to the Unicode consortium. We now have 722 with more being proposed in Unicode 8.

        You’re right though, the yellow are supposed to represent “Simpson’s yellow” and no race whatsoever.

        Likewise, they’re being used that way.

  1. I’ve always been offended by the smilies… All yellow. Now they get full emoji. And I’m still not seeing the white smilies.

    Some people look for reasons to be offended.

  2. while some people certainly wake up in the morning looking for something to complain about, this issue is a little deeper than just dismissing it as having your panties in a bunch. there is no reason whatsoever to characterize any race by color. red, black, white, yellow. these come from a day when differentiation was economic and social security. the world, for the most part, and certainly in the developed countries, has moved forward from that protective posture. some people are still not completely inclusive, but they will after a few more generations.

    apple as a corporate entity should recognize this. it is not just a case of the emoji’s being fun. dismissing this lack of sensitivity as fun or funny, just shows how much lack of sensitivity it really there. a quick fix would be to include emoji’s that are colors which do not have a racial connotation, like fuchsia. that way they won’t be railroaded by the PC crowd into removing the brown and yellow ones and remove the need to add red ones.

    from the another perspective, an asian who is truly developed as a part of today’s modern society should react to the yellow faces with, “who are those people?” and not associate with the antiquated reference. something they teach you in the CCW class is while you may be packing, the best gunfight you can have is the one you don’t get into.

  3. Has anyone considered that “some Asians” could be the same agitators that are on the payroll of the Chinese government, which continues its efforts to malign Apple, whenever it can?

    This reeks of yet mother smear campaign.

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