Apple CarPlay partner Toyota not planning on adding support any time soon

“In Apple’s CarPlay, Siri, the voice-controlled assistant, guides the system, and the company provided specifications to automakers to ensure that a user’s voice is easily understandable while inside the car,” Aaron M. Kessler and Brian X. Chen report for The New York Times. “If a user’s car has a touch screen or control knobs, CarPlay can be controlled that way as well.”

“Google has taken similar steps to make sure that consumers can speak as they normally do,” Kessler and Chen report. “But despite the momentum building in Silicon Valley, not all automakers are sold on the idea of giving up their dashboards to the tech giants. John Hanson, the national manager of Toyota’s advanced technology communications, said while the company talked frequently with both Google and Apple, it currently had no plans to adopt Android Auto or CarPlay in the United States. ‘We may all eventually wind up there, but right now we prefer to use our in-house proprietary platforms for those kinds of functions,’ Mr. Hanson said.”

Kessler and Chen report, “One of the most widespread adopters will be Ford, which this year will begin offering both Android Auto and CarPlay in conjunction with the revamping of the automaker’s much-criticized Sync system. By the end of 2016, they will be available on all Fords sold in the United States.”

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[Attribution: AppleInsider. Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Fred Mertz” and “Brawndo Drinker” for the heads up.]

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  1. Hey Toyota, I like your cars.

    But no CarPlay, no Toyota.

    Attention all car manufacturers, no CarPlay, no buy.

    This may sound bombastic, but most modern cars are pretty similar. Some of the manufactures will endorse CarPlay. I will just pick one of them.

  2. No problem, I’ll just buy from one of their many competitors.

    You think I’m going to spend thousands on a car with a substandard in-house proprietary platform, your crazy.

  3. I really like toyota, I have had several toyotas over the year and I have a Prius too. But something I hate about toyota is their crappy sound systems. Even with 10 speaker JBL premium sound in my sequoia, it does not sound even close to a simple aftermarket pioneer radio with just 4 speakers and subwoofer.
    With Apple car play, at least it will be functional.

      1. No, I did not, but my wife’s altima has a Bose sound system and sounds awesome for a factory installed stereo.
        I also have a 05 celiac with a pioneer avh-p3300bt with 4 5 1/2 keenwood speakers and 10 inches pioner sub, and it sound a lot better than the altima and the sequoia.
        I did not installed insulation in the celiac or the altima.

    1. I noticed the same thing. It sounds OK but I thought it would be nicer. The sensitivity and discrimination of the FM radio is poor also compared to that of much older cars I have.

      Toyota seems to be a really conservative company. I think they are having a hard time with this technology intruding on their decision making.

  4. I will be buying a new car this year and I will no longer consider the Toyota models that I have been looking at. My next car WILL have CarPlay. Apple needs to list the exact models of cars with the manufacturers on their website. It’s time to step up car makers if you want business from the best customers in the world. Please start a poll MDN which will give this situation more attention.

  5. The automakers would be derelict in their duties if they gave away their internal computing controls to an outside company. What of the outside company (Apple, Google, Whoever) became ensconced and expected by consumers and then the outside company began to leverage that central position to force finances, design or more control? It’s too easy to imagine.

    This is why car makers will gladly talk to these companies (tell us everything you’ve figured out) and will drag their feet forever about actually implementing it. Because rhymes won’t actually implement it. They are developing their own systems, as they should to protect their business.

    This is why Apple needs to make the car. This is why the goal of the car will be eventual 85% dominance.

    It has to succeed for Apple. Therefore it eventually will. They’ll go it alone first. If they can’t get it right they’ll buy Tesla to fit into their existing plans, which I expect will happen within 7 years. But it must happen.

    And suddenly it makes sense why Google has been working on self-driving cars. This where the puck is going. One where.

    1. I pretty much agree that the big car companies are reluctant to lose control of in-car communication systems, just as the mobile phone service providers were reluctant to relinquish control of cell phone operating systems to Apple. I expect the same outcome, however. Once Car Play is available in one or more car models there will be no going back.

      The one point on which I disagree is the self-driving car. That seems to be everybody’s assumption of where car technology is headed, but to me it’s the equivalent of 3D TV. It sounds like a great idea until you try to put it into practice. I think self-driving cars are a journalistic fantasy that sounds good, and at first glance seems to be obvious. I/ don’t think it will ever come to fruition.

        1. Exactly. I buy cars because I *LIKE* to drive them. Among the cars I’ve loved have been a ’55 Austin Healy 100, a ’65 Mustang fastback, a ’75 Corvette, a ’95 Z28 LT1 Camaro, and I’m currently driving a Mercedes GL450. All of my cars carry radar detectors and I seldom poke along at the speed limit. Before I used a self-driving car I’d take the train.

  6. Insane, a car audio system has to be either incredibly simple (basic) with knobs/buttons you can control purely through feel. Or if primarily GUI drive, it has to be well designed. If Toyota think theirs are well designed they’re fucking idiots. Are they making a lot of extra money by doing it themselves? You’d think they’d want to offload it and concentrate on the mechanics.

  7. That takes Toyota off my list…..Jeep is getting near too! I was looking at the Renegade and its not fully compatible with the iPhone because the iPhone doesn’t support MAP and thats Apple’s fault. But it coming to market maybe next month one would think it would have CarPlay and it does not to my knowledge nor does any Jeep, Dodge or Chrysler that I am aware of. Hopefully 2016 models will start to turn this around?

    1. If Chrysler runs true to form, being the cheapskate alternative of American car manufacturers, it will be one of two or three brands that end up with Android systems. They’ve never been on my list of possible new cars for my family anyway.

  8. As a Toyota owner I can tell you the Toyota Entune system stinks. Totally useless. Despite reports to the contrary they must be considering CarPlay as I just completed an owners survey pertaining to my feelings/preference about CarPlay, Android and their own system.

    1. What evidence do we have that CarPlay is better or less expensive? Apple Maps sucks, and I’m not going to subscribe to Beats or MLB. CP just doesn’t seem like a game changer to me. I use cars for transportation, not entertainment.

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