Apple considering dedicated Apple Watch stores

“According to multiple reports out of France, Apple is constructing a dedicated display for the upcoming Apple Watch in some upscale Paris-based retail outlets,” Mark Gurman reports for 9to5Mac. “While these claims for France are still unconfirmed, sources have told us that Apple is considering constructing dedicated Apple Watch retail stores in the future if demand deems such outlets necessary.”

“These dedicated stores could be stores within larger high-end retailers, similar to how Macs are sold at Best Buy, or smaller-scale Apple Stores that sit on their own to sell Apple Watches,” Gurman reports. “Apple CEO Tim Cook has said that the Apple Watch will begin shipping by April.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Yup.

How about “Apple Watch Stores” (either stores-within-stores or as separate entities, kiosks or otherwise grander) dedicated specifically to Apple Watch customers? Watch and see.MacDailyNews, February 3, 2015

Say hello to dedicated Apple Watch Stores.MacDailyNews, February 13, 2015

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  1. I really am interested in seeing how this Apple watch thing takes off and how long it will survive.

    IMO Apple was better of not Picking up Beats, work on improving the OSX and iOS, improve on the battery life of their iDevices instead of making them thinner with horrendous battery life.
    Have a 3.5″ iPhone along with the crazy iPhone 6plus, mostly reduce the prices of their iDevices to get greater market share. Over Pricing always comes back to bite you on the backsides, ask NOKIA.

    Nahh Apple is not interested in these things they want to price their products niche, over price and all for their short term glory. How things have changed after SJ. RIP

    1. This is why a person like you could never work for Apple, or be successful at anything that takes creativity, business sense or forward thinking. You are a Samsung quality person, through and through.

    2. I’m very happy with the battery life on my 6+. Making it thicker to accommodate more battery would mean added weight. And while I would rarely need the extra battery life, the added weight would *always* be there. For me, I am glad they didn’t do what you suggest.

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