“Prompted by future career possibilities, and encouraged by the value of his Apple stock, Apple’s veteran vice president of retail real estate and development Bob Bridger is leaving the company at the end of March,” Gary Allen reports for ifoAppleStore. “Insiders say his departure is also likely linked to dissatisfaction with major changes coming to the operation of the retail stores within the next few months, orchestrated by new-ish Sr. VP Retail and Online stores Angela Ahrendts.”

“He reportedly announced his departure to co-workers last week. However, the company has not acknowledged his departure and has not announced a replacement. Bridger’s decision to leave is the latest in a series over of similar moves over the past five years that has drained the company of the retail executives who had a major influence on the chain’s success,” Allen reports. “Bridger’s longevity and influence are unmatched. He was an early Apple retail employee, and is listed as a co-designer for the original glass staircase at SoHo (NYC) and the ground-breaking vaulted glass ceiling architecture used at Palo Alto and others. He literally stood at Steve Jobs’ left hand, and guided the chain through its expansion to almost 450 stores over 13 years.”

“According to sources, Ahrendts is looking closely at how the stores are built and how they are organized,” Allen reports. “Ahrendts is considering major physical changes for the stores, including new seating areas beyond the Genius Bar stools.”

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