19 more banks sign on to Apple Pay, bringing current total to 90

“Another week, another batch of banks signing on to offer Apple Pay support for their customers’ credit and debit cards,” Derek Kessler reports for iMore.

“This time we’re looking at 19 new banks, with the big one definitely being Morgan Stanley,” Kessler reports. “The newest additions bring the total number of banks supporting Apple Pay to 90, offering millions of customers the opportunity to make payments with their iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus securely and without having to pull out their old-fashioned plastic card.”

Kessler reports, “With so many banks signing on to support (and so many iPhones out there offering that support with ease), we have little doubt that the momentum behind Apple Pay will slow any time soon.”

The list of the newest Apple Pay banks is here.


    1. iTunes radio should have been here a while ago according to Apple but of course you can still get it if you sign in with an American Apple ID
      I asked about Apple pay at my local RBC branch about a month ago. The lady went away to ask the manager and came back with a big smile on her face and said come back in a couple of months ! OF Course RBC is working on their own payment system

  1. Great! Now get some more damn RETAILERS on board. There’s tons of different banks now compatible w/ ApplePay but only a HANDFULL of retailers accepting ApplePay. This is a problem. I try my best to patronize retailers that honor ApplePay, but for now those choices are frustratingly limited..

    1. Do remember that many retailers are stock with old credit card processing devices that do not support NFC. This will all change this year as retailers will have to upgrade to new processing devices or they would be responsible for any fraudulent credit card transaction processed by their org.

      Apple timed the release of ApplePay perfectly: early enough for financial firms to come on board but not too early for competition to catch up before the vendors have to switch their CC processing devices.

    2. giblet, do you write letters to the companies that you would like to take Apple pay or are you just waiting around for them to read your mind??

      These are old white dudes living in the past that run these companies and they need to see customer input that tells them where to go…. er….. well….. to use Apple iPay. LOL

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