Beleaguered BlackBerry sues Ryan Seacrest’s Typo over iPhone keyboard (again)

“BlackBerry has again sued the makers of the Typo2 Keyboard, saying the second-gen iPhone accessory still rips off the classic BlackBerry design,” Stephanie Mlot reports for PC Magazine.

“A new complaint filed Monday in California suggests that Ryan Seacrest’s Typo2 ‘slavishly copied’ BlackBerry’s design, ‘down to the smallest detail,'” Mlot reports. “‘The Typo2 Keyboard still blatantly copies BlackBerry’s iconic keyboard trade dress designs that have been embodied in numerous BlackBerry smartphones from the 2007 BlackBerry 8800 to the current Q10 and Classic models,'” the document said.”

The Typo Keyboard for Apple iPhone
The Typo Keyboard for Apple iPhone

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple’s legal team should sue Beleaguered BlackBerry for slavishly copying “slavishly copied.”

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      1. Actually I write long emails and texts all day every day. Touchscreen is fantastic. I also used blackberry way back in the day as well as Palm Treo and those skytel 2 way pagers from 15+ years ago.

        And the voice to dictation works pretty well too. Just saying that physical keyboards aren’t coming back. And I can’t imagine a company that makes physical keyboards appealing to more than a rounding error of the population.

  1. I bet Seacrest is paying RIM to sue him so that he can get the publicity. If he really didn’t want to get sued, he could just buy RIM and fire everyone, since he’s probably worth more than them.

  2. How useful is a keyboard cover that covers the home button, especially now that the home button is used for Touch ID?

    It’s insane to build a product that, A-very few people will want and B-is guaranteed to get you sued?

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