MacDailyNews readers overwhelmingly choose 42 mm Apple Watch as favorite model

In a poll conducted online from January 29, 2015-February 12, 2015, 1,535 MacDailyNews readers overwhelmingly chose the 42 mm Apple Watch when asked, “Which Apple Watch will you buy?”

Over 4 out of 10 respondents (43.58%) chose Apple’s 42 mm Apple Watch, which offers a polished or space black stainless steel case and a choice of straps, far outpacing the runner-up, the 42 mm Apple Watch Sport, which offers a space gray or silver anodized aluminum case and a Sport Band, at 26.19%.

In third, the smaller 38 mm Apple Watch was chosen by 12.12%, followed closely by the 38 mm Apple Watch Sport at 9.06%. Both Apple Watch Edition model sizes, 42 mm and 38 mm, with an 18-karat rose or yellow gold case and a choice of exclusive straps, combined to hit 9.06%.

Which Apple Watch will you buy? (1,535 Votes)

MacDailyNews Apple Watch poll


    1. To be fair, the most of 38 mm voters are male, too (female audience of MDN is almost nonexistent). The issue is that if you take even those lesser dimensions, considering it is 13 mm thick, it is not small at all.

      1. More interesting is the fact that 9% of all who are going to buy the watches are rich, and hence choose “Edition” version that will cost thousands of USDs.

        If you translate even half of that 9% percentage to the scale of millions of Apple Watch buyers, Apple can easily become not only the biggest watch manufacturer in the world by revenue, but also specifically the biggest manufacturer of jewellery (of any kind).

        Apple will move around tonnes of gold.

          1. The question was absolutely direct: “Which Apple Watch will you buy?”, so most of the answers come from people who can understand the questions. But, as I wrote above, I am halving the resulting percentage to accommodate for the audience.

      2. Your point about the female audience of MDN is almost non existent has has perplexed me.

        I often wonder why that is and more importantly so, what could be done to bring more women into the forums. I think it would be interesting to hear from the MDN community about this. I certainly value having more women here and when I do meet up with one I try to be on my best behavior.

        To that idea, I’d like to send a wave to hannahjs who has not posted here for a very long time but it fondly remembered. Also a nice wave to Glendalough who I hope will make a comment on the topic.

        1. Your acknowledgment is greatly appreciated, Road Warrior.

          I want to mention that some women may decline to comment because of, – let’s call it emotional turbulence in forums like this one. A few men with strong opinions can take over a room. At those times, even a spirited lass might prefer to step back, reach for the popcorn, and watch modern-day gladiators try to prove each other wrong.

        2. Women are more pragmatic than men, so they do not waste time in participating in pointless “modern gladiator” fights. Scientists determined that hormones such as testosterone make men competitive and aggressive beyond rational, so women naturally spared of this. 😉

    1. Which would have been a useless question in a poll trying to determine the favorite model of those who WILL buy one. The people who won’t buy one have no effect on preference.

    2. No there wasn’t. That’s because the people who think the Apple watch is a a watch, just don’t get it.

      Once they see the rest of the world interacting seamlessly with the computer on their wrist, they will.

      1. I break anything on my wrist, I don’t work in an air conditioned office. 10+ hours a day I wouldn’t be able to wear it, only at home.

        I’ve broken a g-shock before..

        There is nothing that important in life that I need to have access to my iPhone on my wrist. Nothing Apple has said of the watch.. Impresses me enough to purchase one. Yet.

        Apple may release new info/features and the watch makes sense, till then.. It’s a watch.

        1. How do you break a G-Shock? I’d think your wrist would be broken before the G-Shock would. I’ve had two G-Shock Solars for about ten years and they look and work as well as new. They do have one weakness. Where the band joins the watch case and that mounting is some sort of hard rubber. You’d have to really pull hard to break it, though. Still, I wouldn’t call that exactly breaking a G-Shock.

          1. The little rubber seal is designed for water resistance.
            Apparently it can’t block out solvents.

            Seen a g-shock have the entire face ripped off when caught on an edge. Watch still worked.. unless you touched the exposed face.
            Yeah the band/body joint has been the death of many of my old watches as well.

            A G-Shock isn’t indestructible.. they are just tougher than the basic watch. G-Shocks are built to withstand a direct hit, the right angle with the right amount of force will break anything.
            Then there are chemicals..

            Haven’t ruled out the Apple Watch, but nothing that the Watch does now (that Apple has announced) impresses me. It’s a smart watch like every other smart watch.. Sure it’s Apple’s Smartwatch… but it does nothing that the others don’t do.

            MDN posted this yesterday

            Apple Watch not ready for full health tracking mode, yet

            EXACTLY my point.
            There were LOTS of rumors about what the Watch would be able to do.. and I was very interested.
            Then they announced the watch and told us that the Watch could NOT do any of that. YET…

            So Watch version 1.0 I’m not interested in. Down the road when/if Apple CAN get the watch to do more than be just a simple smart watch… I’ll reconsider.

      2. I’ve often referred to the iPhone as a powerful portable computer that can also make phone calls, in contrast to Android devices, which are just phones that can also post selfies to facebook. I’m not sure how I’ll describe the Apple Watch.

        All other so-called “smart watches” are watches that can also receive phone calls. The Apple Watch is a _______ device which can also tell time.

  1. Yet to see pricing on the standard model. I’m going for the sports model as it is the cheapest. We all know from experience that Apple’s first generation products whilst being good are likely to be superseded by much better models in the next few years. So I may end up buying a better one in 2-3 years.

    1. I am impressed with your delayed gratification skills. I, personally can’t wait until it is available and seem to have a bit of excess money to force Apple to take.

      Shut up and take my money!

  2. I don’t understand how someone can say they will buy something when they don’t know how much it will cost! Only the price of the Watch Sport has been announced. The Watch price is still unknown. Knowing that price will likely change quite a few minds…

    1. Or just blindly following Apple and buying everything they make, just cause it’s apple.

      If it’s useful to ME I’ll buy one… If not, nope.

      That’s what the fanboys here are showing. Apple makes it, then it’s an instant buy.

      If you are pro Apple watch, you get praise.
      Don’t want one… Attacked.

      1. I don’t think it’s quite that simple.

        A lot of “fanboys” have confidence that when Apple releases something in a new category, you will find it so useful you will never want to go back to what you had before. That was certainly true of the iPhone, and to a lesser extent (so far) the iPad. I believe it will be true of Apple Pay.

        You say your standard is, “If it’s useful to ME I’ll buy one… If not, nope.” You just don’t have the confidence…yet…that when Apple releases the Apple Watch, it will be useful to you in ways you can’t imagine.

        But I wonder, if you’re not a fanboy, why are you wasting your time reading MDN?

      2. You didn’t get attacked because you didn’t want one, you got attacked because your comment about not wearing a watch was dumb.

        I think everyone can safely agree that the Apple watch is not just a watch. Telling time will be but a minor feature of a wrist-worn mini computer.

        1. Explain the features that would appeal to me.

          Apple pay.

          That’s it, nothing else it does interests me. And I have Apple pay on my iPhone, and use it from time to time. On a wrist doesn’t do much for me.
          There is nothing else the Apple watch does, at least that has been disclosed, that i have any interest in.

          A watch, and a remote Apple pay device, that’s it to me.

          That’s the fanboy problem, they just know Apple will revolutionize the wearables JUST because they are getting into the market.

          1. You can take an airplane, a train, an automobile, and even a bike to get you from point A to point B… However the experience with each will be quite different.

            It’s the same with a desktop computer, a laptop, an iPad, an iPhone and now an Apple watch. They are all computers, and yes, there are overlapping features. But the experience of each device is unique.

            If you don’t understand that, then you don’t understand that… You can’t make a horse drink.

            1. And that’s my point.

              There is NO room for anything else other than praise.

              Apple releases something.
              Fanboys only accept praise for it, and comments that do not instant buy and throw praise at it… Are not allowed to be heard.

              I watched the watch keynote hoping that the rumors of what it would be were true.

              Slave device. None of the rumors came true.

              Apple could have held back, I’ll hold out till it’s actually in the wild before I say 100% will my buy, but as of now.. Not impressed.

            2. The watch would HAVE to do something to MAKE me CHANGE from not wearing a watch…..

              It does not.

              I used to wear one, got tired of replacing them when they broke. Took the watch off one day, haven’t missed it.

              Apples watch doesn’t change anything. A slave device that also tells time…

              Bluetooth speaker on wrist, nothing different.
              Remote tiny screen for email/sms.
              Apple pay, nice but I have my iPhone anyway.
              Watch, time is on everything.

              Nothing the watch does (now) convinces me that I should consider buying one.
              I watched the keynote hoping that some feature would grab me and MAKE me want one… Nothing did.

              If the slave device does for you, fine.

            3. It’s already been explained that the iPhone is not needed for most functions, including health and fitness tracking and monitoring. So it’s not technically a slave device.

              Anyway, I think Steve Jobs once explained it best when he said that most people don’t have the vision to know what they need in technology devices. That’s why we don’t do focus groups.

              Your comments are exactly like the pre-realease naysayer arguments of the iPhone and the iPad before it, and we all know how those products turned it..

              If you don’t get it… you don’t get it. You will.

            4. “It’s already been explained that the iPhone is not needed for most functions, including health and fitness tracking and monitoring. So it’s not technically a slave device.”

              I have never opened the health app.. it got moved to my bullshit folder.. along with newsstand.
              none of the health tracking stuff interests me.

              everything the watch does, that we have seen with the exception of Apple Pay, are to be expected of ANY smart watch. thats the basics..

              The big features do need the iPhone.. so it’s a slave device, with a few features that run on it’s own. Try making a call without the iPhone..

              Let me rephrase what I said earlier, and should have clarified..

              As of now, what I know of the Watch. I do not want one.
              BUT… I WILL be watching the event. waiting for Apple to show me the feature(s) that WILL make me change my mind.

              If they come out and just say here is the official release of the Watch, here’s the colors/prices/battery life etc. and you can buy/preorder on this date…

              I will not be buying one.

              If they do all the above and then say.. oh btw.. we forgot to mention the Watch can do this, this, and this… and also this..
              (which I assume Apple didn’t play ALL their cards last year)

              I may be changing my tune and get one. (depending on what the “new” stuff actually is.)

              I think the watch is sexy. Features wise.. meh.

    2. Sometimes the price is irrelevant. Personally If i really want something be that clothes, a camera, something form Apple, whatever I will pay whatever the price. If I want the item bad enough. That being said I do try to find said item for lower price if possible.

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