Apple’s iPhone 6s may embarrass struggling Samsung’s Galaxy S6

“In a leaked investors’ research report obtained by AppleInsider respected KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo reveals Apple will significantly upgrade its Touch ID fingerprint sensor when it launches new iPhones later this year,” Gordon Kelly writes for Forbes.

“According to Kuo the new Touch ID module will be faster, more accurate and secure as Apple looks to build momentum and consumer confidence in Apple Pay,” Kelly writes. “Kuo claims, for now, that the Touch ID module will remain part of the physical home button but offers insight into Apple’s long term vision: ‘Though Apple has filed patents for the integration of Touch ID and touch panel, this isn’t likely to bear fruit near term as complex algorithms and sapphire cover lens are also required,’ he argued. ‘We therefore don’t see any impact on supply chain momentum.'”

“That said what is likely to hit home far sooner is the potentially disastrous impact upgraded Touch ID could have on Samsung and its impending Galaxy S6,” Kelly writes. “For a handset which already steals a lot of iPhone 6 design cues to then also be seen chasing in another area where the iPhones lead will be an Apple marketing executive’s dream come true.”

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  1. I think we’re long past the point where Samsung has “embarrassed” itself unabashedly by it’s unoriginal copying, stealing, lack of R&D savvy, mediocre manufacturing, shipments-not-actual-sales, clumsy, desperate & disingenuous adverts against Apple ways. Everyday of their corporate existence is an embarassment for technology.

    “This will be a day long remembered. It will soon see the end of the copying regurgitation.”

    1. Samsung’s branded products may not be all that great in some cases. But Samsung does produce some quality electronic components and, by all accounts, Samsung HDTVs are pretty good (not that I would buy one, of course).

      1. Their “smart” TV’s are no bargain if storing unwanted ads as in this other story on MDN. This follows right in line with undesirable & reprehensible companies who must monetize their customers in ways beyond the hardware sale alone, as Google and now Samsung must.

        1. Yeah, those articles about the Samsung smart TV surprised me — can Samsung really be as repugnant as Google?! — They equip a TV to spy on you? And inserts ads? I worry about their other appliances.

          Apparently the data that we users represent is so valuable that companies (even, at one point, Apple) can’t resist sneaking it away from us, as the Verge reported in 2013..

          1. I have no doubt Samsung’s ‘Internet of Things’ devices will be the scourge of the Internet. Here we are warning them. And yet I expect to Samsung ignore the warnings and screw it up anyway. That’s because they CARE. 😛 Here come’s the Samsung botnet plague.

          2. As for whether Apple deliberately used a double negative for the sake of messing with customer’s minds, I doubt it. From my perspective, they started with the descriptive phrase “Limit Ad Tracking”. Then they tossed on an On/Off switch. Did they screw it up! Oh yes!

          3. This SamsungSmartTV story brings back to mind a sketch in Kentucky Fried Movie (Zucker, Abrahams, Zucker) where a couple is making out in front of the TV during a news show, and suddenly the TV studio crew crowds the screen to peep on them. Almost prophetic!
            Look up “Kentucky Fried Movie EYEWITNESS NEWS” on YouTube.

  2. I don’t think Samsung has a large enough high-end customer base to turn things around with some Galaxy S6. Sure, they’ll get those Android tech-heads who have to have the best specs in the world, but it’s not going to pull mid-range Android smartphone users into the fold. Most consumers simply don’t need some flagship smartphone with an arm’s length of bells and whistles.

    These ultra-high resolution displays are a waste of battery power for most users. Samsung would be wise not to build too many of them at first but wait and see what the demand for them is. Apple appears to be pulling in all sorts of users with the two iPhones so I don’t know what’s going to be left for Samsung to get.

    It’s going to be very difficult for Samsung to go up against such a wealthy company as Apple with so many retail stores around the world. If I were just a non-tech savvy consumer I would definitely go for a product where I could get plenty of decent support. Samsung has already shot its full load and didn’t take down Apple for good, so now it’s too late.

    1. And even the “best specs” issue will be in question. Samsung may squeeze more pixels into their Super AMOLED displays, but are they truly better? More importantly, how will the Samsung SoC compare to the Apple A9?

  3. The problem with analysts and the reporting thereof:

    “… Ming-Chi Kuo reveals Apple will significantly upgrade its Touch ID fingerprint sensor when…”

    Should read:
    “…Ming-Chi Kuo BELIEVES Apple will significantly upgrade its Touch ID fingerprint sensor when…”

    I’m so sick of bad reporting and tech journalism.

    1. Make that two (being sick of bad tech journalism). It’s all driven by the click-based revenue model, which has thrown out all editorial ethics in the pursuit of those extra clicks by distorting headlines beyond any decency limit.

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