Android users are steady share of U.S. iPhone buyers

“Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) released additional analysis of the results from its research on Apple, Inc. iPhones,” Michael R. Levin reports for Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP). “CIRP finds that among US buyers of iPhones, 16-26% switched from an Android phone in each of the past ten quarters. In the October-December 2014 quarter, 19% of iPhone customers reported switching from an Android phone.”

“Over time, the share of iPhone buyers that come from the Android operating system has varied seasonally, yet remained relatively consistent,” Levin reports. “For the past three years, in the first full quarter after the launch of a new iPhone model Android buyers account for a consistent share of iPhone buyers. Android users accounted for 19% of buyers after the launch of the iPhone 5 in the October-December 2012 quarter, and 16% of buyers after the launch of the iPhone 5S/5C in the October-December 2013 quarter.”

Previous Phone of iPhone Buyers, in First Full Quarter After Launch of New iPhone Models
CIRP: Previous Phone of iPhone Buyers, in First Full Quarter After Launch of New iPhone Models

“Apple CEO Tim Cook indicated the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus ‘experienced the highest Android switcher rate in any of the last three launches.’ The US switch rate for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus launch did increase relative to the iPhone 5S/5C launch a year ago, and was about the same as the iPhone 5 launch in 2012,” Levin reports. “This week, Apple emphasized the international strength of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus launch, so it appears that Apple enjoyed a much higher rate of Android switching outside the US than in the more mature US market.”

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  1. That chart is less relevant unless it’s compared to how many Android switchers were previously iOS.

    It does demonstrate, though, that there is a large degree of platform stickiness. The question is… does Android also have a lot of stickiness. My guess is that yes, it does.

    1. Judge Crabapple says:- Plastic is sticky when it melts! Maybe that is why Android users cannot get an iPhone, how will they hold or use an iPhone with a droid glued to their hands?

    2. You were wondering if Android does have ‘stickiness’? You unfortunately misspelled it but I can assure you that Android does have the highest rate of ‘stickiness’ of the entire mobile world.

      1. There may be platform stickiness for Android but probably no brand stickiness. Android device-buying consumers are likely looking for whatever is least expensive whether it be one brand or another. I think on a global level, purchasing an Android device may simply be a matter of convenience if there are no iPhones available. I believe Wall Street is drawing conclusions about why Android has such high market share that aren’t necessarily correct.

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