Lawmakers want U.S. Congress to (finally) be able to deliberate online

“Two Congressmen want the nation’s top legislative body to explore how it might better use the Internet to conduct its business,” Cyrus Farivar reports for Ars Technica. “More specifically, two representatives from California [Cosponsor: Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA-15)] and New Mexico [Sponsor: Rep. Stevan Pearce (R-NM-2)] introduced House Resolution 83 earlier this week that could eventually allow for considerable savings in time and money.”

If passed, the bill would simply resolve that the House of Representatives:
(1) encourages the use of a virtual setting to implement hearings, conduct debate, meet, and vote;
(2) directs the Committee on House Administration to identify the best practices for conducting the business of the House of Representatives in a virtual setting; and
(3) directs the Committee on House Administration to establish procedures and rules for the consideration of legislation by Members of Congress in a virtual setting.

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    1. This is not about little people getting to influence what happens. He just doesn’t want to bother actually having to show up for work, instead he just wants to vote from home. Soon they’ll demand extra pay just for showing up at work.

  1. Good beginning. The more they use technology the more likely they MIGHT understand it and influence their law making. At least 50% of what they do could be done online from their home districts. Sure the lobbyists wouldn’t be able to lobby in the same way, but THAT”S THE WHOLE POINT.

    1. Would be interesting if technology could be applied to identify the source of every word in a bill and also, who in the Senate was blocking a bill. And, transparency considered, all proposed legislation available online, realtime, to everyone in the country. Sound like a pretty good place to me.

    2. I can see the legislators in their offices or homes with staffers holding up prompts telling them what to say. It might be easier to influence what the legislator says if they are not physically present in the chamber.

  2. Then put the Republican’s on dial up and let them suffer the slow speeds that a lot of the US is still running because of their policies and trying to block and undermind Net Neutrality!

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