New data shows Apple’s explosive growth in China led by iPhone 6 Plus

“This week, some research firms gave a clearer picture of just how big Apple has become in China,” Brian X. Chen reports for The New York Times. “Both Kantar Worldpanel and Canalys, firms that track global smartphone sales, said Apple’s iOS mobile operating system gained market share in China at the expense of Google’s Android. Chris Jones, an analyst for Canalys, said that in the fourth quarter of last year, iOS was in 12.3 percent of the smartphones sold in China, a sharp increase from 5 percent in the previous quarter. ”

“Canalys estimates that Apple is now the top smartphone vendor in China,” Chen reports. “Kantar Worldpanel found slightly different results. It focused its research on so-called urban China — a portion of mainland China where smartphones are more commonplace. Kantar also found that Apple’s iOS gained at the expense of Android. But the firm found that Apple was the No. 2 vendor in the region, with about 21.5 percent of the market, behind the Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi (29.2 percent).”

“Carolina Milanesi, a Kantar analyst, said Apple’s introduction of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, which both have larger screens than previous iPhones, clearly drove the growth,” Chen reports. “‘The success that Apple is seeing is certainly coming from the larger screen,’ she said. She added that sales there of the larger iPhone 6 Plus surpassed sales of the iPhone 6 in December.”

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  1. As fast as the situation turns, well within one product cycle, I just don’t think these headlines hold much meaning for me. I think it’s great people like iPhones, but weather 75 million or 1 million like them, it does not matter. They are here to stay, and that’s what’s important to me. I can rest assured, 5 years, 10 years from now, there will be an iPhone in my pocket. 🙂

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