Apple releases OS X 10.10.3 pre-release seed to testers with all-new Photos app

“Apple is rolling out the first pre-release seed of OS X 10.10.3 to testers and developers today including the all-new Photos app with support for iCloud Photo Library beta,” Zac Hall reports for 9to5Mac.

“Previously, iCloud Photo Library was only available for desktop users through using a web app,” Hall reports. “The new Photos app replaces iPhoto while Aperture is also no longer being developed.”

“Apple first announced the new Photos app at WWDC 2014 and later added that development would no longer continue on either iPhoto or Aperture,” Hall reports. “Apple says the new Photos app will be released publicly this spring, OS X 10.10.3 will be a free update to Yosemite users”

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  1. This is the dawning of Apple Tube. You can take your videos in Photos and post them to the web with no ads. I’ve posted some using the iOS photos app and while I’m not making any money on them, it’s good to know that no one ELSE is pre-rolling ads making money off them either.

    Maybe this will be the first web video platform that goes H.265?

  2. Sounds like Cook and Federighi have flat out given up any hopes of helping their sys admins and enterprise clients hosed by the IMAP email fail. It’s gotten even worse with 10.2 release, and now no mention in 10.3.

  3. Maybe 10.0.3 will fix the ever growing save sheet annoyance that 10.0.2 was supposed to fix. It’s like an extra click and drag is now part of file save. Because that’s the best customer experience apple can deliver. They love their customers. Never mind – I’m just so fricking delighted with it all. And now that iTunes has decided to occasionally stop playing music (until I quit and restart) – I just love it.

  4. So far, I’m liking the new Photos app. Very stable. No issues. It will spend some time converting your iPhoto library, but that’s to be expected. I haven’t tried out the cloud functions yet. That’s one of my projects for the weekend.

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