iOS 8 adoption rate hits 72% as Android ‘Lollipop’ distribution reaches 1.6%

“Apple’s newest operating system, iOS 8, is installed on 72 percent of iOS devices almost five months after it first launched in September of 2014, according to new numbers Apple shared on its App Store support page for developers,” Juli Clover reports for MacRumors.

“Installation numbers are up 9 percent since mid-December and have jumped 3 percent since January 20, following the launch of iOS 8.1.3 at the end of the month,” Clover reports. “As iOS 8 adoption grows, the number of users running iOS 7 has dropped to 25 percent. 3 percent of users continue to use an earlier operating system.”

Clover reports, “The latest version of Android (5.0, aka Lollipop), released in November, is currently only installed on 1.6 percent of Android devices.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Obviously, Google doesn’t love logistics.

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    1. Yup, laughable as Brin and Eric thought they could do something to get advertising revenue out of Android.

      Somehow, I’m getting the feeling that Google wishes they had done something different than what Android evolved into as it is definitely a 2nd rate product sold to 2nd class users. That isn’t what Google wants to portray itself as.

  1. Crabapple’s judgement: If Lollipop had half the problems that Yosemite has, they would have been declared as winners. But since they don’t, I hereby declare them perennial losers in the smartphone long done wars.

      1. An inebriated drinker would not be capable of posting a thought let alone an eloquent one!
        Crabapple’s judgement?: dijonaise is hereby sentenced to “Think Differently”.

    1. Your question is not wrong, but on Android, even if the devices *could* run the latest Android OS, the user has to either depend on the carrier or handset maker to provide the update (typically never), know someone who can do the whole rooting/upgrade process, or learn it themselves. In any case, the process is anything but easy or intuitive.

      Until Google reins in on this issue (and they probably won’t), expect Android updates to remain at their pitiful pace.

      1. Wholeheartedly agree. The reason so many manufacturers and carriers chose Android was because it gave them back their traditional right to have the final say on what apps and OS’s their customers can use; a right which was taken away by Apple on the iPhone (thank God).

        The great irony is how some android enthusiasts deride Apple and iOS as restrictive and anti-consumer choice when (other than Nexus devices) it is Android devices that offer the least freedom. Want an OS update to the (non nexus) Android phone you bought without jailbreaking it? It’s not going to happen unless Google, your handset manufacturer and your carrier agree to let you have it.

  2. 99% of Android phones are locked out from upgrading there OS. Mainly because Samsung and others won’t release updates because they want you to buy a new phone with another old operating system on it.

  3. Very few older devices will even get Lollipop (old being a phone released 6 months ago or more)
    The lack of device updates has forced google to largely roll their API revisions and interfaces into Play Services, basically its become a software layer on top of Android that google can control more fully.
    At the rate they are building up the play services layer there won’t be much need to update the OS itself on an Android device.

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