Apple Inc. posts biggest quarterly earnings of any company ever

“Apple had a pretty good quarter,” Greg Kumparak reports for TechCrunch. “And by ‘pretty good,’ I mean it was the biggest quarter in history.”

“And not just for Apple,” Kumparak reports. “For any company. Ever.”

“Until today, Russia’s Gazprom (the largest natural gas extractor in the world) held the record at $16.2 billion in a quarter,” Kumparak reports. “Apple now holds the record: $18.04 billion in profit, fiscal Q1 of 2015.”

Top Ten Largest Corporate Quarterly Earnings Of All Time:
adjusted for inflation to June 2011
1. Apple, 2015 1Q – $18.04 billion
2. Gazprom, 2011 1Q – $16.24 billion
3. Royal Dutch Shell, 2008 2Q – $15.68 billion
4. ExxonMobil, 2008 3Q – $$14.80 billion
5. Apple, 2014 1Q – $13.10 billion
6. Apple, 2013 1Q – $13.08 billion
7. Apple, 2012 1Q – $13.06 billion
8. ExxonMobil, 2007 4Q – $11.66 billion
9. Apple, 2012 2Q – $11.60 billion
10. ExxonMobil, 2005 4Q – $10.71 billion

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MacDailyNews Take: YKBAID.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Arline M.” for the heads up.]

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    1. Don’t forget about the trumped up, soon to be Apple is a “MONOPOLY” Spin. What a fckn’ CIRCUS. OH! BUT Gaagle has some vaporware coming out for the next generation of GlassHoles. Right? Gargle is the REAL innovator…pf…

  1. What’s amazing is that Apple can do what it does with a relatively small product line. Apple is SO efficient. Well, I suppose “Gazprom” previously held the record with ONE product… 🙂

      1. Now, now, Apple makes things that, eventually, end up being recycled or discarded in a landfill.

        The hydrocarbons taken from the ground are used to move our vehicles or warm our houses as they discard carbon dioxide that feeds our trees and plant crops that feed our meat sources and veggies.

        Junk or food, your choice.

            1. No, the “something” is called “common sense” (and a sense of humor). There was plenty of CO2 in Earth’s atmosphere before humans existed. It’s a key part of what keeps Earth from being a permanent “iceball.” althegeno’s comment, which I’m sure was “light-hearted,” implied that using fossil fuel for modern life leads directly to growing our food. So “burn away.” My reply was intended in kind…

              Besides, your comment makes no sense. The stereotyped “conservative” viewpoint is that using fossil fuels does NO harm and it’s good for economy. The stereotyped “liberal” viewpoint is stop the use of fossil fuels at all cost, because it causes “climate change.” My comments are neither.

            2. I don’t think althegeno was light-hearted in his comments. I think he is spot on. The only thing he missed was that fossil fuels are renewable whereas iPhones are not.

    1. Not to take away anything from SJ… But this is TC and PS’s , JI and CF’s… The whole Team’s Moment….
      They deserve all the credit.
      They are running the show. And they are doing a damn good job !

      ( ummm.. But Software could use some help….)

  2. I wish I knew where Mikey Dell is right now so I could see the look on his face. I need to see a little of that “Shut it down and give the money back” karma reaction. hehe

    Apple is doomed I tell you. /s

        1. The notion seems to be that nobody can strike it rich time after time, as if business success were like gambling in a casino. Why can’t they look back to Thomas Edison, who operated an “invention factory”? His business model did alright and Apple’s is not that far off from that. One has to wonder what it would take for industry observers to WISE UP.

          Must be the woeful education system that produces these thought-starved types.. (Shakes head)

          1. Glenda dahling, I think you’ve struck the chord. There are bizTards in the world who do consider biznizz to be gambling. If they succeed, they consider it LUCK. They have no clear vision, no brave direction, no purpose other than to make lots of paper symbols of wealth and power. That is the extent of their imagination and creativity. That’s sad and pathetic.

            Then there’s Apple. The bizTards
            (A) Can’t figure out how Apple so consistently does anything, what’s this focus thing?
            (B) HATE Apple for so consistently being imaginative and creative.
            (C) HATE Apple for proving that actual imagination and creativity equates to success.
            (D) HATE Apple most of all for bucking the spirit of the age, which is ‘Screw Thy Customer’. Apple doesn’t screw anyone! So how the hell does Apple make money? You can’t make money without screwing people, right????

            Such sad, pathetic BizTards. 🙁

            Thank you Apple for remaining sane among the insane.

            1. Yup. It’s amazing how analysts and Wall Street types can’t understand anything past the public numbers they receive, numbers from “independent” firms like Gartner/IDC, or that Apple thrives on producing fantastic products that do everything a person wants and more, and that it is constantly working to improve the customer’s experience.

              It’s like business to them is just numbers, and if you shuffle the deck chairs just right, you can turn the Titanic into the Oasis of the Seas. The fact is businesses succeed and make money because they offer products/services that people need and love. People are quick to drop a company which fails to meet their needs or delivers shoddy products, but are very loyal to a company which delivers outstanding stuff.

              And that can’t really be measured for Wall Street analyst types.

      1. No it’s not up $6 it’s up $2. The drop of $4 today was shenanigans to rob Apple of it’s due and keep it down, because everyone oin thenworld knew for certain that Apple owned last Xmas and the quarterly sales were a record.

  3. So where are all the “Tim Cook” must be fired people now? Best quarter ever for anyone ever seems like a rather objective criteria to judge that Cook is among the best at what he does. Steve Jobs was one in a kind, but Tim Cook has done so much right on what Jobs left him that he should start to get the recogonition he deserves.

    1. The Fire Tim Cook Brigade will be back. They lurk in the shadows, waiting for a misstep, or a claimed misstep, on the part of Apple. Then they will emerge to shake their finger in our faces and lecture us.

      This time though they might have to bolster their argument with a bit more than the usual bluster.

      1. They’re regrouping and waiting for Apple Watch to be released. Then they will seize upon one insignificant imagined flaw, hype it all over the internet and make out the Apple has lost it’s mojo again.

        Whatever happened to those bendy iPhones that we were told about a few months ago. They couldn’t possibly sell 75 million of such a terribly “flawed” product could they ?

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