Apple to buy all the HDI plates Unimicron can produce

“Apple has decided to buy all HDI [High Density Interconnect – MDN Ed.] plates produced by Unimicron at its full production capacity, as HDI supply is running short worldwide, The Liberty Times reports (as noted by BrightWire, a global investment newswire), citing ‘unidentified analysts,'” Dennis Sellers reports for Apple Daily Report.

“Unimicron management said last year that capital expenditure will rise to TWD 10.67 billion (about US$341 million) in 2015 to expand production capacity for Apple’s orders,” Sellers reports. “Unimicron became the world’s biggest HDI producer after Panasonic left the PCB [Printed Circuit Board – MDN Ed.] business, and the Taiwan-based company returned to Apple’s supply chain last year.”

Read more in the full article here.


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