Why Apple’s iPhone 6/Plus will deliver stunning prices

“Apple should experience record average selling prices (ASPs) for iPhones in the December quarter with my estimate coming in at $690 vs. the Street’s average of $660,” Chuck Jones writes for Forbes. “This will be driven by the 6 Plus costing $100 more than any previous iPhone for the same memory configuration and by pricing 64GB memory versions only $100 higher than the entry 16GB versions. It could come in a bit higher but the stronger dollar should dampen the rise.”

“For the past three fiscal years Apple’s December quarter has had the highest iPhone ASP. This is largely due to initial buyers opting for higher memory models and this year should be no exception,” Jones writes. “For the previous three years (December 2011, 2012 and 2013) the iPhone’s September to December quarter ASP increase has been 4.1%, 3.7% and 10.3%, respectively. In dollar terms the increases have been $25, $23 and $60, respectively. In the September 2014 quarter the iPhone’s ASP was $603 so to hit my $690 estimate the sequential ASP change needs to be 14.4% or $87.”

“One sign that Apple’s iPhone ASP could rise so much is that in the September 2014 quarter the ASP increased by 7.5% and this is with the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus only being available for 9 days,” Jones writes. “In the previous three years the June quarter to September quarter iPhone ASP increase has been negative 3.6%, an increase of 1.8% and a decrease of 0.7%, respectively.”

Much more in the full article here.


  1. You can thank me: iPhone 6plus 64gb gold.
    I was a Gen 1 owner and as such should have waited for the 6(s?)plus. Somehow AT&T broke me down with that new plan they have and now I’m paying off an $865 pocket computer. I just hope I’m not wishing I waited for when the next one drops!

    1. I too was a proud iPhone gen 1 owner who just upgraded to an iPhone 6 Plus 64 GB gold. Hated the size, but it has grown on me since. Love the camera. Still love the first gen design the most.

    1. Downplaying Apple’s incentives, strategic advantages and ability to replace Intel chips starting with its most portable laptops, despite
      Apple having all the resources and technologies in place to make it happen relatively smoothly and having demonstrated they are willing to push their customers toward Apple’s view of the future many times.

  2. Charles, How are you figuring in the deferred sales this quarter, these will be substantial? Of course this back end loads the 3rd and 4th quarter, which with ~nine billion in deferrals already on the books I think most analysts are overlooking this very important point and impact on the last two quarters of 2015.

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