Apple’s Q115: Eye-popping earnings results coming January 27th

“Apple will release earnings and hold its conference call for the December quarter, Apple’s fiscal Q1, on Tuesday, January 27.,” J. M. Manness writes for Seeking Alpha.

“Apple could see astounding revenue of as much as $52 billion from iPhones this quarter,” Manness writes. “To put that in perspective, this would be almost the entire Q1 2013 revenue ($54.5 billion). Yet even our lowest figure would be a new record for the iPhone.”

Manness writes, “The article details my calculations for both conservative and bullish estimates, charting out a table for various sales numbers.”

Read more in the full article here.

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    1. You’re correct. If Apple blows away another quarter they’ll create potentially unrealistic expectations for the next and the analysts will perform more stupid tricks. But that’s all part of the Apple manipulation machine. Just look at the long-term performance and Apple continues to trend upward (despite the downs). That ol’ “halo effect” is still going strong, too, and contributing to Apple’s success.

  1. Apple got a nice boost last results because the iPhone kicked ass. They will do so even more but the Street may say the price already reflects this. Hard to know what the brokers are planning. There is very little negative press going around at the moment so there could be a big push up.
    Apple Watch may also provide enough incentive to push the price up to 120-130.

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