Is OS X Yosemite ready for you to install now?

“I always emphasize caution to our readers when Apple introduces a major new operating system because problems can and usually do occur, especially early,” Peter Cohen writes for iMore. “My advice to Mavericks users was the same as what I doled out to iOS 8 users and to iOS 7 users last year. Sometimes the perils of a major operating system upgrade aren’t worth the trouble unless you’re willing to accept the risk of being an early adopter.”

“Apple’s been improving Yosemite in fits and starts; a 10.10.1 update came out in November which purportedly fixed some of the Wi-Fi problems that people reported early on,” Cohen writes. “But it didn’t fix them all, which is why Apple’s been seeding development betas of 10.10.2 which is also being tested for Wi-Fi improvements.”

Cohen writes, “One other thing, and this is important: If your Mac is running at or close to the low-end system requirements for Yosemite, think carefully before upgrading.”

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  1. Upgraded 3 of my machines (home and work) to Yosemite. 2 out of 3 were flawless. My laptop now can not use Safari. Crashes upon running. I can’t find anything online to fix this, but I’m not the only one apparently. So, in lieu of reinstalling again, I’m using Firefox. Other than that, solid.

  2. I’ve been running it since release on several Mac models (Mac Pro, mini, MacBook Pro) without any serious issues. There are some obvious issues with discovery having to do with DNS resolution and computer names); but those are very occasional and haven’t been seen on all models here. No issues with WiFi to report either. Love the new functionality.

  3. Buggiest OS X release I can remember. I love many of the new features, and the bugs are sporadic enough that I haven’t gone back to Mavericks… yet. But 2 or 3 times a week on my 2012 MBPro i7 w/ 16gb RAM, I can count on a hard freeze when waking from sleep… requiring a hard restart, or wifi dropping off… requiring turning AirPort off and back on a couple of times before it sticks. Solid Mac guy, would never go to Windows… but still, disappointing.

  4. i don’t believe if Steve was alive he would of let it go out the door – I’m still on Maverick and will not upgrade until the WiFi issue is resolved completely…

    It is unacceptable to have a half baked product released without fully working and tested WiFi –

  5. Using an older MacBook Pro that runs fine, I won’t upgrade until the next gen. MBPs come out.

    I don’t like the idea of upgrading an OS w/o new hardware as it is always a crap shoot on new features.

  6. I upgraded all my hardwired non essential computers (one is a server and the other is my home media center) and they are working fine. The wifi bug and a couple other issues are just slightly too prevalent for me to upgrade my main laptop that predominantly uses wifi yet. Mavricks is working fine and I don’t need any of the new Yosemite features for my daily workflow, so I’ll hold off until those issues are clearly resolved.

  7. I upgraded my 2007 Macbook Pro and 2007 iMac within a week of release and had no issues other than slowness after startup (Spotlight Indexing). Upgraded my wife’s much newer MBP and iMac over the holidays with no issues.

    I used DiskMakerX to make a bootable USB Installer Flash drive and it installs flawlessly in about 22 minutes.

    The internet echo chamber is full of the sounds of complaints, but those of us who have no complaints are rarely, if ever, heard.

  8. I tried to upgrade my dad’s older Mac mini to Yosemite last week. Installation went without a hitch and everything seemed smooth and usable — EXCEPT networking. Networking of any kind didn’t. Both WiFi and Ethernet were nonstarters. I even tried networking over Firewire (just to see), and nothing worked.

    I think the networking problems in Yosemite go deeper than just WiFi.

    That said, I’ve not had a single problem with Yosemite on my iMac, WiFi and Ethernet included.

  9. Have used Yosemite now for a few weeks and works ok for me.

    I had to upgrade as my hard drive failed in my iMac – no regrets so far and I love the fact I can send instant mobile messages/texts and make calls on my Mac from my mobile phone.

  10. Cohen writes, “One other thing, and this is important: If your Mac is running at or close to the low-end system requirements for Yosemite, think carefully before upgrading.”

    Bullshit. I have a 2008 MBP 15″ and it works better than it ever did. Maybe if you have a integrated GPU from MB you might see a slow down, but add a SSD, problem solved.

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