7 years of iPhone evolution displayed in hypnotic animated GIFs

“Critics of the Apple iPhone often say that the design and features of each new model barely change and each phone is just a slightly tweaked version of the last,” PicClick writes.

“We wanted to put this claim to the test, so we compiled high-res 3D models of each design (from the first generation to the iPhone 6 Plus),” PicClick writes. “With the help of image-morphing technology, we visualized the changes from three different perspectives.”

“Hollywood may put the most emphasis on looks, but Silicon Valley is almost as obsessed with getting skinny,” PicClick writes. “The iPhone has slimmed down significantly in nearly all its successive versions. But that’s just true of its thickness; width is a different story altogether. The line between phones and tablets has begun to blur, and with the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, Apple has definitively entered the phablet fray.”

iPhone evolution, brought to you by PicClick.com
iPhone evolution, brought to you by PicClick.com

iPhone evolution, brought to you by PicClick.com
iPhone evolution, brought to you by PicClick.com

More info and straight on front animated gif in the full article here.

[Attribution: VentureBeat. Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. Speaking like my mother: It’s nice to see the effort, but I would have done it a little differently, focusing on centering the screens or the home button. I think it’s difficult to watch and appreciate, as is it. Regardless, since I didn’t create or envision it, my only hope is to contribute with some helpful criticism, imho.

  2. Until the more recent addition of ‘steriods’ the size has, as previously commented, remained little changed .

    Personally, a little fatter to accommodate a battery that lasts several days would be my choice.

    1. I tend to agree, but it’s worth noting that approach isn’t without its risk. To add more battery means to add more weight, which then means the device is at much more risk of damage if dropped on a hard surface like concrete. To combat the impact, a heavier device requires an even stronger case, which adds yet more weight. Product design is finding a delicate balance of form, function, engineering, materials, cost, and more.

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