One Apple iPhone 6s rumor that you really should believe

“It’s hard to believe, but the Apple iPhone 6 and 6 Plus have been available for sale for about four months now,” Ashraf Eassa writes for The Motley Fool. “Although these phones aren’t even midway through their respective life cycles, the Apple rumor mill never sleeps, particularly as investors are always eager to learn what might be next in Apple’s iPhone pipeline. Just a few days ago, Taiwan’s TechNews reported on what might be the first truly believable iPhone 6s rumor.”

“According to the TechNews report, Apple’s next iPhone will pack 2 gigabytes of next-generation LPDDR4 memory, rather than the 1 gigabyte of LPDDR3 memory found in the iPhone 6/6 Plus today,” Eassa writes. “That’s great news for iPhone customers, especially if Apple’s next iOS release — likely called iOS 9 — features more advanced multitasking features that takes advantage of the increased memory.”

“If Apple were to just move from 1 gigabyte of LPDDR3 to 2 gigabytes of LPDDR3 in the next-generation iPhone, this would lead, most likely, to a doubling of Apple’s memory costs. However, according to the TechNews report, LPDDR4 sells for a roughly 35% premium to LPDDR3. That means that if this rumor is true, Apple’s memory costs are going to go way up for the next-generation iPhone — by about a factor of 2.7 times,” Eassa writes. “Of course, I’m sure that with the volumes of LPDDR4 Apple will be buying, Apple may be able to negotiate a better deal than what a ‘typical’ customer might need to pay. However, even if Apple were to negotiate away the LPDDR4 ‘premium’ memory costs would still double for the next iPhone.”

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  1. The article isn’t comparing costs to the same point in the production timeline. When Apple started putting 1GB of LPDDR3 in their iPhones, prices were much higher. LPDDR4 is going to come down in price too. Meanwhile other components are likely to see price drops or also be replaced by newer components that may cost more (like the new camera). The bottom line is that it’s too early to determine the component cost of the upcoming iPhones.

    1. “When Apple started putting 1GB of LPDDR3 in their iPhones, prices were much higher.”

      That kind of thinking is WAY too subtle for the Motley Fool crew!

  2. Why does he keep carping on the cost to Apple? Apple can cover it comfortably within their margins. If they do introduce 2GB of faster RAM, however, then the low-margin followers will be obliged to follow. Think about it.

    1. The lower margin producers of phones in the up-market sector already pack 3gb of RAM are planning 4gb, some of which will be out well before the iPhone 6S. Apple are following in terms of the amount of RAM. Whether the new RAM will be the faster variety time will tell.

      1. Apple certainly lags on the amount of RAM, but that’s mitigated somewhat by the fact that the Java-based Android is less efficient, requiring and consuming more RAM. more storage, and more power.

        1. I agree, but the point I was replying to said the Apple raising the amount of RAM to 2mb would force others to raise theirs too. This would not be the case as it already significantly higher for whatever reason.

          Despite the fact IOS is more effecient 1Mb does mean that certain aspects of the iPhones performance is limited such as multitasking. An increase is welcome and in my opinion for the price you have to pay for an iPhone, well overdue.

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