Macintosh 2015: What the original Macintosh might look like if it were made today

“What if Apple was to reproduce the original Macintosh in 2015, 31 years later?” Zayed Rehman writes for Redmond Pie. “Looks like the designers in Curved/Labs have the answer.”

“Let’s face it, the iMac’s design is slick by modern standards, but if you wanted to dive into the Macintosh era in 2015, Curved/Labs has produced a rather beautiful concept of the old Mac dressed in the modern design language using the same aluminum found in MacBooks, iPhones and iPads,” Rehman writes. “The result is ‘iMac meets Macintosh,’ and it still looks every bit of an iMac, but just a bit off.”

“The concept has been shaped exactly like the original, but does away with all the chunk, retaining the design of the face with some elegant curves below the screen, and the media slots can be found exactly where the floppy-disk drive once was on the Macintosh,” Rehman writes. “As for the hardware it packs, the concept is based on the components from a MacBook Air, including the display, which has been turned into a touch-screen…”

CURVED/labs: Macintosh 2015
CURVED/labs: Macintosh 2015


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MacDailyNews Take: Oh, crap. Why do we want one (or more) of these so much?!

Now, if that “screen” was really an iPad Air that you could pop in and out of your “Macintosh 2015,” this design would have us lining up outside Apple Stores.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews readers too numerous to mention individually for the heads up.]


  1. I want one! I also want someone to design a matching bluetooth speaker to tuck in under the chin, and then I want to put the whole thing in the kitchen – too pretty and too useful to hide in any other room.

  2. Actually that’s not bad – but not for use as a personal item, but with a little tweaking, would look great as an interactive screen for use in stores and shops to give further information or for on-line ordering etc.

  3. I like MDN’s idea (or even the dock idea itself). An iPad is just an iPad. Dock it and it becomes a Mac using the Intel architecture for normal “desktop” computing power, perhaps even with some supplemental A# chip CPU and GPU power.

    I’d buy that. Right now. Where is it?

  4. Would that also be a 12 inch iPad screen perhaps MDN? Seems the case is mostly stand that could house an iPad and provide an additional input (SD card) if needed. Wireless keyboard. Cool idea. Wonder if they’ll build one. The did issue related patents on patentlyapple a couple of years ago that took this approach.

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