Apple poised to report best growth in two years

“As Apple approaches the release of its holiday quarter results, Wall Street analysts are adjusting their models to predict whether the consumer electronics giant had a joyous season,” Patrick Seitz reports for Investor’s Business Daily. “Apple is due to report fiscal first-quarter earnings after the market close on Jan. 27.”

“Analysts polled by Thomson Reuters expect the Cupertino, Calif.-based company to earn $2.57 a share, up 24% from the same quarter last year,” Seitz reports. “Analysts see Apple’s sales rising 16% to $67.1 billion.”

Seitz reports, “If those estimates are accurate, it would mark the company’s biggest gains in earnings and sales in two years.”

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    1. I’m hoping the stock won’t tank but I’m also not expecting any large surge in the share price, either. Unfortunately, I do expect a P/E compression to occur. The big investors aren’t going to be throwing money at Apple after getting burned by the stocks they bet heavily on in 2014.

      I hope current shareholders aren’t raising their hopes too high based on all these positive reports on Apple. This quarter will be fine but Wall Street is going to immediately focus on longer term growth. Maybe as far as a couple of years out and they’ll continue to doubt Apple’s growth sustainability. And there’s still going to be those decreasing tablet sales numbers to ponder. It doesn’t matter how optimistic Apple shareholders are, there will always be just as much pessimism from Wall Street.

  1. Apple will blow away the numbers reporting OVER $3 share earnings …. Over 72 million iPhones sold and some pretty impressive iMac numbers …..

    Stock will jump $25 after hours and trade in the $140 range shortly after earnings …..

    But then I’m just guessing but in looking at my local Apple Store and comparing year over year over year I’m telling ya lots of product sold and tons of customers!

    1. Let us discuss the EPS. To achieve that stellar number, all cylinders would be beyond most of my scenarios. There’s lots of details but lets focus on iPhones.

      1. 72 M iPhones. It is in the range of possibility. The ASP (average sale price) would have to be $ 640 neighborhood.

      2. Macs, iPads, iTunes, Beats would all have to contribute

      3. Finally, things like taxes, gross margin, OpEx (operating expense) would be at optimum.

      What is really needed for proper analysis is a set of spreadsheets and fundamental commentary on product supply as well as demand. iPhone supply, Mac demand, iPad demand, iTunes demand are my focus.

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