Apple inks Boston-area lease to boost office space for Siri team

“We know that the most important company in tech has been growing its office in the Boston area as it continues to build a speech-recognition engineering team on MIT’s doorstep,” Curt Woodward reports for Xconomy.

“Documents filed with the local government show that Apple has leased about 11,500 square feet of office space on the 13th floor of One Broadway, an office tower owned by MIT that sits at the edge of the famed university’s campus in Cambridge, MA,” Woodward reports. “If you allow about 175 square feet of space per employee, which is one typical commercial real estate estimate, that would leave room for about 65 employees.”

“Apple’s outpost in the Boston area is still dwarfed by the presences of other tech titans like Microsoft and Google, each of which have 800 or more employees in the same neighborhood,” Woodward reports. “Tt makes sense that Apple would want to be in the competition for any MIT-trained techies—or employees from other tech companies—who make the Boston area home. It’s also no mistake that Apple’s office here is stocked with notable names from the speech-recognition field.”

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  1. They chose to set up an office in Boston because Siri needs more practice there because Siri can’t understand what Bostonians are saying and needs more practice with their language. 😉

    “Siri, park the car.”
    “Paaak the cah!? I’m sorry. I did not understand that.”

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