UBS: More iPhones sold in China than US

“Apple is projected to have moved 69.3 million units of iPhone in fourth-quarter 2014, with China accounting for 35 percent of global sales,” Eileen Yu reports for ZDNet.

“If accurate, it would also mean the Chinese market has surpassed the U.S. for the first time to become the biggest iPhone market for Cupertino,” Yu reports. “The latest stats come from investment firm UBS and indicate a new record smartphone sales for Apple, following the launch of its iPhone 6 and 6 Pluslast September.”

Yu reports, “Citing a note from UBS analyst Steven Milunovich sent out to investors Wednesday, Apple Insider reported that the new figures would indicate a 36 percent spike in iPhone sales, or 18.3 million more iPhone units over the same quarter in 2013.”

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  1. If I recall correctly from early last year the analysts said with the Chinese government putting a stop to iPhone carrier subsidies, Apple would be hit the hardest in sales because Chinese consumers wouldn’t want to spend extra money on an iPhone when they could buy less expensive Android smartphones off-contract. Also, there was supposely major concern that the Apple/China Mobile deal wouldn’t amount to anything because Chinese consumers wouldn’t want to pay the extra cost for iPhones.

    I’m certain it was said China Mobile iPhone sales would only be a few million units for the entire year. That was back when Samsung was picked to be the big smartphone winner because it offered dozens of smartphone models at every price point imaginable. The forecasts and predictions by the geniuses were well off the mark. I really don’t understand why constant pessimism about Apple when it would seem they stand about as much of a chance of success as any other company with large resources at hand.

  2. Near all phones are built in China, even Samsung has a bunch of factories there.

    The Chinese KNOW what those phones are and most of those who can afford it go for an iPhone…

    what does that tell ya?

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