Jon Steinberg: Apple Watch will destroy competitors

Jon Steinberg, Daily Mail North America CEO, provides his outlook for Apple Watch and how the new device will stack up against competition.

What’s amazing, coming out of CES… the amount of tracking devices and wrist devices is almost mind-boggling to me… and Apple, in my opinion, is going to basically destroy all of these guys. None of them are really priced that much cheaper, they’re all at about $150 or $250, if you’re going to buy a wearable… I don’t know what you possibly buy one of these. All these basically do, most of them, are accelerometers, all they do really is track how much you move, the functionality is very limited, so I think if you’re going to buy [a wearable], it’s going to be Apple. COming out in March, I don;t see people buying these other devices we’re seeing at CES. – Jon Steinberg, Daily Mail North America CEO

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MacDailyNews Take: Correct.

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    1. Or, in a few months, when your Android device can’t be upgraded to the latest OS, bite the bullet and buy a real smartphone that can get upgrades and will work with Apple Watch.

      1. I’ve only owned iPhones since the first one and prior to that I was an iPod owner. iPods became popular after Apple introduced the Windows version of iTunes. Now here we are with Apple being worth 2/3 of a trillion dollars because Apple let the competition have a taste of Apple ingenuity. Its called the Halo Effect and if Apple doesn’t provide Android compatibility all they’ll have is an iPhone accessory. If it is Android compatible Apple will have a given a taste of Apple ingenuity to Android users and created a new halo effect. Otherwise the Apple Watch will just be an iPhone accessory.

      2. Why is it that anyone who mentions android compatibility gets downvoted to death? Apple is bringing a new product into an already crowded market, most of which support both iOS and Android and are a lot less expensive. If Apple only support the iPhone, that’s like going into a fight with one hand tied behind your back.

        What’s the reason to not want it to be android compatible? I love my 5s despite the fact that it can be used with Windows. The worst case is that it might entice a few android users to switch to iPhones.

        Tell me, I really want to know.

      1. That’s the point of making it Android compatible. To show the competition what they’re missing. Apple needs to make the Apple Watch Android compatible the way they made the iPod, iPhone and iPad Windows compatible.

        They can sell it to iPhone users or they can sell it most smartphone users. As a stockholder what would you prefer?

  1. Apple can easily dominate the market by simply not allowing advertising on the apps they sell thru their App Store. Unlike the iPhone but like the iPod there will not be a craving for apps on what will be an accessoriy to the phone. If Googles redoes evil and Samsung backstabs again they will have to go up against Apples adv. campaign touting a no ad enviorment.

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