NVIDIA Tegra X1 benchmarks put Apple’s A8X on notice

“Last year, NVIDIA opened CES with its pre-show keynote and the Tegra K1; for CES 2015, it’s the turn of the Tegra X1. NVIDIA’s latest mobile super-chip takes the Maxwell GPU as one half of its beating heart, paired with an 8-core, 64-bit ARM processor,” Chris Davies reports for SlashGear. “It’s arriving in devices like smartphones, tablets, and car dashboards this year, but we grabbed some early hands-on time to get a taste of what NVIDIA believes will thoroughly squash Apple’s A8x.”

“The full potency of the Tegra X1 will have to wait to reveal itself in practice until it’s actually in some production hardware. However, NVIDIA invited us along to sample some benchmarks and see the raw performance ahead of its press conference today,” Davies reports. “Going by early impressions the Tegra X1 doesn’t just show up the A8x but NVIDIA’s own K1 too. Depending on the task, graphics performance is effectively doubled over the K1.”

“For about the same power consumption, the Tegra X1 will offer roughly double the performance of the K1,” Davies reports. “Throttled back to match the graphics performance of Apple’s A8x in the iPad Air 2, meanwhile, the X1 supposedly delivers 1.7x the power efficiency.”

“Of course, raw potency is only part of the equation: it’s up to device manufacturers and software developers to actually use it,” Davies reports. “There, Apple does have something of an advantage in that it holds the keys to the kingdom for both hardware and software.”

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MacDailyNews Take: As we wrote back in October:

Apple, the only smartphone maker who’s not saddled with off-the-shelf processors and an off-the-shelf operating system, tailors the hardware to the software and vice versa. The wannabes simply have no hope to match Apple’s iPhone with their mismatched, off-the-rack commodity hardware and lowest common denominator software.

The gulf between Apple’s revolutionary iPhone and the consumer-grade knockoffs only grows wider with each successive iPhone generation.

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  1. Our vaporware will beat Apple’s ass.

    That’s what all these douchebags always come up with. Apple has been shipping for 4 months. They have not shipped yet.

    They are all the same. Microsoft, google, moto, samsung, nvidia, etc. Mediocre commodity junk. It works good enough for most people. Let them have it.

    Some people desire more refined kit. Apple anyone?

    1. It is not a matter of cores. It is a matter of die size. If the die size is the same, then there is something to worry about and who cares how many cores it uses.

      1. Well cores give raw potential power but of course create other problems often ones that can be concealed in producer defined tests and their results. Real world will show what if anything they are disguising in that regard. It’s also what overall is on that die size that’s important not all are equal in that regard. Some of us remember previous claims for Tegras in test conditions that never came to be seen in reality but these sort of claims keep the fan bois happy who seldom live in reality.

    2. There is a disconnect here. It would seem that eight 64 bit cores would make for a much larger die then does Apple’s two 64-bit cores. Maybe these are somehow stripped down versions? A much larger die size would increase costs and reduce yield.

    1. Google is not making a 64 bit version.

      Maybe Samsung will pick up the slack.

      Ha, ha, ha, Samsung doing coding and getting a finished project in less than 5 years.

    2. Yes. Lollipop has 64-bit. Google didn’t make a big deal about this when they introduced it. Also the fact that they had to rewrite a language for it, because they had to get around Java. Of course they didn’t make a big deal because they would have to admit they were two years behind Apple. Seriously, it was mentioned quickly near the end of their presentation. The press did not even pick up on it. If you go on Android’s Lollipop page now you have to click on the link for more stuff, then look at the bottom of the list of stuff for phones, just before autos, then it briefly talks about 64-bit and the two phones that you can use it on.

      1. Competition is the baseline for keeping everyone honest.

        Cooperation can do wonders, but without competition nobody really knows what “good” is because there is nothing to compare too.

        Imagine sports events in which everyone just tried to help one runner train to run as fast as they could in an annual one-person timed race. Nobody would really know if they were doing the best anyone could do. Even if the runner and their support team were putting everything they had into the run, standards would fall without anyone being able to detect that.

        Nature has a lot of cooperation and symbiosis, but its ultimate baseline is competition also.

  2. I’ll believe it when I see it in a production phone. Like many other “products” at CES, keep making news and never selling the thing, or at least selling it at nowhere near the hype.

  3. Mr. Davies, dont be such a fool and go back to work in something you do understand like nails or hair.
    Macs and Pcs have the same processor and even that, the Mac still outperforms the pc in severas areas because of Their OS.

    Event if nvidia can came out with such a processor, Apple has Notting to worry about because they don’t have a decent OS.

  4. Ok so no release date yet just ‘2015’. So it looks like if it’s lucky it will go mainstream a few months befor ethe A9 is launched and likely as usual whips its ass. They better hope the A9 doesn’t add too many more cores.

  5. More pissing contest articles. Get a finished product with that processor and see how it compares to what Apple has to offer. And even if this Tegra is slightly faster there are still things like battery life that needs to be taken into account. In the end most consumers will probably never notice a slight difference in speed unless they’re using a very demanding game.

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