5 reasons why the Apple Watch will fail

The Apple Watch “is sure to sell like gangbusters out of the gate, but to achieve long-term success, Apple needs to find solutions to the following problems,” Chris Slate writes for TechRadar.

1. It lacks a defining must-have feature: There’s no single feature that marketers can use to define the product as unique or necessary.

2. It needs an iPhone: Anyone who doesn’t own a newish iPhone can’t use an Apple Watch… A PC user might still buy an iPad, and someone with a Samsung tablet might still pick a MacBook, but zero Android users will own an Apple Watch.

3. People don’t wear watches anymore: I wore a watch for years, but quit when I got used to pulling out my iPhone all the time.

4. It’s yet another gadget to carry: Our pockets, purses and backpacks are bursting with digital devices these days, from mobile phones and tablets to health trackers and handheld game systems.

5. It’ll be pricey: With no clear, defining reason to own one, many could view the device as nice but not necessary.

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MacDailyNews Take: iCal’ed.

1. “It lacks a defining must-have feature.” Apple Pay alone will sell the device.
2. “It needs an iPhone.” Requires iPhone 5 or later. Over 388 million iPhone units have been sold since iPhone 5’s debut.
3. “People don’t wear watches anymore.” Watches that just present the time and/or date, you mean.
4. “It’s yet another gadget to carry.” You don’t carry Apple Watch, you wear it.
5. “It’ll be pricey.” If $350 is too much for what Apple Watch offers, you’re not the type of customer Apple wants. Go get yerself a Sammmysung, dummy!


  1. The smart watch regardless of who makes it, is a novelty. This device mimics some functions of a smart phone on a tiny screen with poor battery life and relatively high cost.

    In a time when the demand and trend is making lager and more powerful smart phone, this avenue of making such a device as this smart watch is folly.

  2. The killer App that has been written about elsewhere is “convenience.” Getting, sending, and accessing information easily and immediately without dragging a phone from one’s pocket is key. And yes, it is a pain to do that. As it evolves and phone tethering is lessened, it will even become more convenient. I will buy 5 on day one.

  3. #5 I can understand this since it won’t be subsidized… Unless a pharmaceutical company will provide it with their medicine plan…

    Wait the same minded people that charge you $100 for a pair of gloves that cost 2cts? Yeah it won’t happen…

  4. The killer app for Apple Watch will be the health apps. Young people will use them for fitness and their workouts. Older people will use them to be sure they are still alive.

  5. does anyone else notice that he’s playing both sides of the argument, and shouldn’t receive all this vitriol. Last week he wrote an article on why it would be a success (conveniently left out by MDN). It’s okay to look at a situation from more than one angle.

  6. Battery life?! Forget your charger and your stuffed…oh yes that’s right, Apple says just buy another charger…more money to spend spend spend! Not forgetting version two will come out with better battery life….probably two days(!?) and so everyone will probably want to upgrade and who will want the first generation when version 2 comes out which has crap battery life!?

    1. Why are you worried about everyone else’s purchasing habits? This is obviously not your cup of tea, no reason to down play it, especially months before it is even released.

      I’m not going to sit here and tell you that golf is doomed and a waste of everyone’s time and money because I think it’s a boring and stupid game.

      Your entire rant is based off conjecture. Get a life.

  7. Tech Radar…

    Another good example of a FUD article to grad some link traffic. Since Digg pre-v4, Tech Radar has always been a scam blogger traffic surfer.

    Shouldn’t be on MDN at all.

  8. I disagree! I’m 74 and have worn a
    wristwatch every day for the last 67
    of those years and will until that day.
    I have a iPhone4 right now but plan on getting a 6+ the same time I get
    my iWatch. Right now I use a radio
    controlled watch that always shows
    me the exact time, day, date and has
    several other features. I also have two
    iPods, an iPad2, Mac desktop, ~4
    Windows Laptops, and a few PDA’s.
    many CD’s, DVD’s, GPS’s, & Large screen HD TV’s. When Apple comes
    out with their next “Gizmo” I will add
    that too. My only regret is that I didn’t
    have an iPhone back in college. I had
    to use a 12″ loglog slip stick, until I
    designed and built a pocket calculator. I also used to carry a 6″
    slip stick in my shirt pocket so that I
    wouldn’t look like a geek, which I
    guess I am – or more correctly a
    retired Physicist, ME, and EDP Mgr.
    For fun I used to race SCCA sports cars and have my Commercial Pilots
    license with lots of aerobatic time.
    Did I mention that my wife of over 46
    years (also a pilot), son, grandson,
    Lasa Apsa and Harley make me one
    of the happiest guys around.

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