Katherine Waterston lands lead in ‘Steve Jobs’ biopic

“Following her breakout performance in the Paul Thomas Anderson-directed Inherent Vice, Katherine Waterston has landed a lead in the Danny Boyle-directed Steve Jobs film,” Mike Fleming Jr. reports for Deadline.

“She has been offered the role of Chrisann, Jobs’ first wife,” Fleming reports. “The pic gets underway next year.”

“Michael Fassbender plays Jobs, The Interview‘s Seth Rogen plays Steve Wozniak, and Michael Stuhlbarg plays Andy Hertzfeld,” Fleming reports. “The movie is being put into production next year by Universal, which took over the picture after Sony exited.”

Read more in the full article here.

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  1. Another member of the lucky sperm club. The daughter of Sam Waterston.

    Amazing how many of the offspring of those in the entertainment industry seem to get early roles over others- many times with far greater talent.

    The nepotism and clubbiness in TV/Film/Music is more than little excessive.

    1. Well I’m just constantly amazed how clearly talented the sons and daughters of the successful are. It seems that their talent is recognised when barely out of diapers these days. Those talent spotters must be truly blessed themselves is all I can say.

      1. It is interesting how nobody is bothered by nepotism in any other profession. Lawyers, doctors, butchers, police officers and everyone in between. Sons are so often expected to follow in their father’s footsteps (and daughters, and mothers), and so often they do. And of course, thanks to daddy (or mommy) they get jobs. Same in acting business. And in most cases, they actually have the skills, since they were exposed to the process since they were very little.

        1. Musicianship runs in the family. It is less well known that mathematical ability also does so. As a Pythagorean, I believe the two are the same side of the coin.

          And in any academic discipline it is common to find married professors teaching in the same department. Birds of a feather flock together (go to to graduate school together), get married, and submit dual résumés for teaching positions.

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