Apple launches new Tumblr blog for iTunes Store

“In an interesting move, Apple has today launched a Tumblr blog for iTunes,” Benjamin Mayo reports for 9to5Mac.

“The ‘blog’ runs a highly customized theme that more closely reflects Apple’s own website than a typical Tumblr page,” Mayo reports. “The page features music, movies, TV and books content, with individual posts consisting of images, videos and animated GIFs of artists. Tumblr users can reblog these images on their own feeds, for social sharing.”

Mayo reports, “Right now, the blog is prominently featuring Apple’s Best of 2014 recommendations for iTunes.”

Read more in the full article here.


  1. At one point, they actually had themes for MySpace. Anyone remember those? One for each color of iPod Mini or Nano?

    Someone inside the company probably wondered “why not” and no one could respond with a financial reason. One or a few folks working it as a side project and if they can drive users to iTunes, well, hipster dollars are still dollars 🙂

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