IT Enquirer spends two weeks with Apple’s iPad Air 2 and finds ‘silicon perfection’

“For my birthday this year, I got an iPad Air 2. After so many years standing by and watching people swipe their fingers in a cramp, I’m now a proud member of the iPad aficionados,” IT Enquirer reports. “I know my pinch from my swipe and have managed to fill up 10MB of the 64 that I have at my disposal. The experience has been nothing but brilliant with a few minor glitches in the accessories department.”

“So far, and after almost two weeks of iPad bliss, I have nothing but good things to say about the new beauty. It looks gorgeous, it’s so thin and smooth that I feel it would slip out of my hands if I wouldn’t be the careful man that I am,” IT Enquirer reports. “The screen is brilliant both literally and figuratively, although with my oily skin I spend most of the evenings cleaning the glass — and the shiny Apple logo on the back — from fatty swipes and oily blotches.”

IT Enquirer reports, “Yes, I’m silly enough not to tolerate anything standing between silicon perfection and myself.”

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  1. The iPad Air 2 looks and feels so perfect and it performs so well that I don’t know if I would want it to be heavier and thicker in exchange for better battery life. I am a little surprised at how quickly the battery percentage declines, though. I would wish for better battery life in the same form factor if that were possible with current technology.

  2. How fortunate for the author! I remember when I bought my first iPad. Sheer bliss, absolute delight, a whole new world to explore and enjoy!

    The iPad has become my constant and faithful companion.

    At first I found the keyboard difficult, challenging, and perhaps a bit too small. eventually I mastered it and found it delightfully handy for writing in foreign languages like Spanish French etc.

    Then Siri came along. And now I simply tell her what I want to put down and where I want to go and what to calculate and what information I need and so on. She has truly become my personal assistant.

    I bought a new iPad with the retina screen when it first came out, and passed the older one onto my wife. We are both still using those and they seem to be working perfectly fine.

    However, with all the rumor that is coming out about a new slightly larger iPad, I once again find myself excited about buying a new up to date version of the same. And it’s about time I must admit, as my wife has been saying over and over that she’s looking to be able to update to a later iOS operating system and also wants the handmade down I’ll be giving her when I do by the larger iPad.

    Anyway, I do see myself owning and using an iPad far into the wife says the same thing.

      1. Oops, I just read the article and see that he listed the apps he downloaded, I had stopped reading at the MB vs. GB part myself,

        Glad to see he figured out where the camera is as well… brilliant.

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