Apple stock becoming the ultimate safe haven

“At a time of volatility, like today, investors always look for a safe haven, a ‘risk-off’ trade,” Dana Blankenhorn writes for Seeking Alpha. “Usually they find it in the U.S. dollar. The greenback can absorb vast amounts of capital. And the dollar has done very well, while oil has soured the last few months.”

“But the dollar, while safe, doesn’t guarantee a return. As oil prices have fallen, yield curves have flattened. The game of parking money in bonds, even in long bonds, is no longer a guarantee you can beat general inflation,” Blankenhorn writes. “But there is one currency that does have float, does offer the hope of capital gain and does provide safety for investors. Apple stock.”

“Apple has reached that rare part of the investing stratosphere where it’s no longer trading just as itself, but as a proxy for other things. It’s a proxy for the U.S. economy and for the general idea of technology,” Blankenhorn writes. “At a time of intense volatility, it is a good place to be.”

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  1. Apple is a Stock that does not have “Budget Problems” and is constantly earning more money than they pay out in dividends and the company keeps growing ……

    Yes Apple may trade lower but if you look a long term chart the right side is higher than the left!

  2. Articles like this one make me cringe. I am a big believer in Apple, and am heavily invested in the company’s stock. But as an investor, I would never ascribe such certainty to ANY stock. The only certainty about the stock market is its u certainty and unpredictability. As long as you remember that, and remain patient and invested, your chances of success are much better.

    Consider that the stock market will have a major decline at least once every five years on average. While that is unnerving, over the long run, if you stay invested in good and bad times, and ride,out the storms, stocks will best bonds, gold, real estate and every other asset class of investments – OVER THE LONG TERM.

    In 1998, the leading stocks were Microsoft, Lucent Technologies, Walmart and Pfizer. Today, Lucent no longer exists. The other three companies have had flat results for many years. Things can change.

    That’s not to say that I am pessimistic about Apple’s prospects. But if you asked investors in oil drilling companies if they would have anticipated such a rapid reversal of fortune in little more than a month, you can see that things can change – and quickly.

    I urge you to read this excellent article by Morgan Housel of The Motley Fool. It’s an eye-opener. The more we think we know, the less we actually know.

  3. Back in 1999 or 2000, one of the finance leaders (maybe the Secretary of the Treasury) made a statement that the current economic boom was here forever.
    At the time I had a sense of foreboding. Statements like that tend to be made to cover up problems that are brewing.
    So like now, saying that aapl is a save haven, a place for people and institutions to store their cash, is really a ruse to get investors to pour in equity.
    This is not to say that Apple will not continue to do well but when start making these types of prognostications, there is generally some ulterior motive.
    So invest in a company’s merit not just because some analyst told you it was a good idea.

  4. For short-term investors Apple doesn’t seem any less volatile than Microsoft or H-P. They’ve both seen pretty good gains over the past year or so and they’re actually holding up as well as Apple over the past month when it looked very possible that Apple would take off for the stars.

    What’s really surprising is how top-heavy H-P has been holding up much better than both Apple and Microsoft over the past month. H-P must be using heavy-duty duct tape to hold itself together. It’s just another observation I’ve made that makes little sense to me because I thought H-P would take a beating recently but I was way off the mark. H-P seems like another Titanic waiting to hit an iceberg but so far the captain is steering clear of any obstacles.

    1. i did, and thanks for asking. Blankenthorn did touch on the pros and cons. It was a balanced article. But I fear any article that’s too positive. The more confident I feel, the more I fear I’m overlooking something. That’s especially true for any investment. That’s why I included a link in my previous comment. I urge you to read the linked article. Once you do, you’ll know why. Thanks!

  5. I will read it — thanks. I do feel that in the next few years, despite the ups and downs of its stock price, investing in Apple is a good place to be. Decades from now, who knows?

    I agree with you, as an individual, investing for the long term is what will win out in the end.

  6. MDN, why are you giving hits to Dana Blankenhorn? He constantly bashed Apple and promoted Microsoft and Google in his almost daily articles at SA in the past. Only recently did he switch his tune and buy 10 shares. Yep, he bought 10 shares. He may write a post that’s a little better, but we all know that a broken clock is right twice a day, so that doesn’t mean a whole lot.

    MDN shouldn’t be giving hits to people like Blankenhorn.

  7. America is on a downward spiral…no one in government (Democrat or Republican) wants to face taking on the elephant in the room which is the amount of debt our country is in. Recommending Apple or any tech company for that matter as a safehaven shows how desperate things are.

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